Remember Christmas With Art

La Paloma at dusk It’s almost Christmas.  I look out my window and there is over four feet of snow on the ground.  It’s beautiful.  It’s nine degrees outside and I’m distracted.  I can tell that I won’t work in the studio today.  Here in Timber Valley everything is quiet and white.  My studio is filled with all sorts of paper, paints, collage materials and wrapping paper.  Sketchbooks are everywhere and notes with ideas for paintings tacked to my bulletin board.

I hope all of you will try and make it to my show at the Attic Gallery in Portland this month.  I have seven “Bedtime Stories” watercolors that look  really great framed and up on the gallery walls.  My head is filled with more stories to paint and share.  In these hard economic times I hope all of you are supporting your favorite artists.   To us art is a full time job and a calling.  We can’t not make art.  I think art is what makes all other subjects matter.

Remember to sign up for my Mexico class as soon as you can.  Imagine us painting in a palaypa while gazing at the Pacific Ocean and then swimming in the La Paloma pool until dinner.  Sounds great, yes?  Have wonderful holidays and keep dry and warm.