Cody and Me

As I was busy updating my website this afternoon I realized it’s also time to update my life. This has been some year. We’ve had an awful economy, a neverending election and so much sad news it was hard to concentrate on much else. For a few weeks I’ve been buried under about six feet of snow and have had time to do some deep thinking and predicting. Next year is going to be great! I know that in my bones. I want to shake out any negative cobwebs and get to work at what I love. I’m an artist. I need to get into my studio and paint. Ideas are stacked high in my sketchbooks and they’re itching to get out and become paintings.  This year I want to share my work with more people than ever and also to encourage everyone to start taking some risks of their own. Look at art, make art, support art, laugh and experiement with new passions. As Anais Nin said so well:
“Never crystalize.
Remain open
to change, renewal,

I Hope lots of your dreams come true this year.