Top Chef, My Blanket and Me

food and drink    Each week I look forward to Wednesday nights.  I get my blanket.  I get my snack ready.  I make sure the phone is turned off.  Then I turn the tv to Bravo channel and watch my very favorite tv show of all time right now,  Top Chef.  I’ve been watching this show for five seasons now and it never fails to make me want to run into my studio and work.  Just watching the chefs imagine, create, serve and defend each of their wonderful dishes is just like watching someone who is a great artist sketch a strong and lively drawing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I admit that I am the world’s worst cook.  I quit cooking 10 years ago on one afternoon in October.  But I am facinated to see the similarities between cooking and art.  The best chefs have passion.  They take risks even if it means putting themselves on the chopping block.  They taste their food.  They cook with joy and excitement.  There is something about that creative excitement that just pulls me into their kitchen.  I have a friend, Debra Jones, who cooks like they do.  Each meal is like Babette’s Feast.  Well thought out and planned and then (WOW) she can make up the most wonderful spread you can imagine.  She loves what she does.  She is very creative.  She also is  a person who has learned to practice  expressing herself in other ways through experimenting in other types of art.   She has no fear.  I admire her passion.  I think the idea of having no fear is something that I need to restore and re-recognize  in myself at this time of New Year.  Last year was hard.  I held back.  This year I work with no fear and lots of creative results.  This year I continue to watch ideas blossom in the Top Chef  kitchen and in my own small studio.  Watch the show.  You won’t ever do anything else on Wednesday nights!

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