Miracles on 4th Street

I now know I’m a very lucky person.  I had a remarkable weekend.  I got to do and teach the thing I love.  My beginning watercolor class at The Dalles Art Center was productive, fun and full all weekend!

It was icy and snowy outside but the tough individuals from The Dalles and surrounding areas all braved the questionable weather, bundled up and took a flying leap at learning something brand new.  It was a fearless group and as they came in the door they were greeted by myself and the new Art Center director, Carmen Toll.  Carmen had a warm comfortable room all ready for us.  The basement of the center was clean and welcoming and looked very professional.  Lots of art books and magazines in a small library corner spread good vibes all around. 

A brave group of students from Trout Lake, Washington, (all who I adore) car pooled to class in the icy weather.  Like myself being from Timber Valley they also have a pioneer spirit.  The weather seldom keeps them home.  I also think the calling of lunch at the Baldwin Saloon was a motivator for them!  All in all the class was filled with fascinating, talented and congenial people.

Miracles of course ocurred.

  • A painting was levitated  and a painting finished while floating  in mid air.
  • Some of the most unusual drawings of the hand were attempted for the first time.
  • At times people jumped up from their chairs and stood while they painted.  A true sign of a flip from the left brain to the right brain.
  • A fierce female African big game hunter entertained us with some exciting stories.
  • Friends and relatives came together and found out they really could draw.
  • A beautiful big pear was painted by Bonnie.
  • A young man treated us to his science fiction interpretations of fruit in watercolor and we loved it.
  • We all “survived” a blind contour drawing assignment with no physical attacks on me, the instructor.

I could spend every weekend this way.  Success, hard work, fellowship, music, laughter and beautiful colors surrounded all of us.  When the class had ended I finished the weekend with a tasty Mexican meal with a good friend and fellow artist, Heather Marlow, at Casa El Mirador.  The margarita and enchiladas were to die for. 

We all agreed to continue with the class one weekend per month.  Check my site often for dates.  The classes are still for beginning students and even if you haven’t touched a brush ever…why not  give it a try.  Call The Dalles Art Center for information and a supply list. 

”  You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is, because this is all part of experience, and the more experience you can have, the better it is–unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far.                                                                                                 –Alice Neelalice-neel

One thought on “Miracles on 4th Street

  1. Lee Russell

    MIRACLES! Yes, YES, YESYESYES, I think artist’s create miracles wherever they tend to collect. And they’ve changed the world many times over! Where, oh where, would we be without art. Without music. Without story. Without the original beat of each other’s hearts.


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