Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Root Beer

pirate-day-2009-003-smallHow do I get myself into these things?  I’m old. I thought I was done attending grade school activities when my kids got old too.  I have no kids at school and yet last week I got a call from a mom who has a kid at Klickitat School and who knows that Ron and I are “so creative” and would we like to be a part of Pirate’s Day to raise money for the eighth grade class?  She is one of the most energetic people I know who can organize like mad and somehow she got her hook (!) into me (no pun intended).  I agreed for both of us. I”m a sucker for eighth graders. She had a ton of ideas for games and things and she told Ron and I to just show up dressed like pirates…like we have pirate outfits hanging in our closets…on Saturday at a quarter to twelve.  I knew my friend Sara was going to be taking tickets so I’d have someone to talk to when I got there. Ok that would be fun. Later I went to the mailbox for my mail and stuck inside the box was an entire pirate’s costume. Sara couldn’t attend Pirate’s Day because she had a coaching clinic she had to attend.  We’d have to survive it alone.  So Ron and I pulled out the costume.  There was a white blouse with tattered sleeves with a vest, a scarf, a very funny pair of pirate pants striped brown and kind of like peddle pushers of old, a sash, a plastic belt and some plastic hook on tops for pirate boots.  I grabbed the blouse with the vest.  Ron grabbed the pants which looked hysterical on him because of his hairy legs and the scarf.  I grabbed the sash.  We found earrings that fit both ensembles perfectly.  Ron added huge rubber mud boots to his costume.


We showed up in makeup and costume at the school on Saturday.  Ron was assigned to three hours at the “penny throw” and I was assigned to the “Dig for Treasure” station.  Digging for treasure consisted of a big plywood box, with six holes cut into it where the kids would reach into a bunch of pellets that had treasure mixed in.  Of course the treasure consisted of plastic rings, compasses, fish, shiny things, plastic coins and also about 10 real gold coins the school had gotten from the bank.  It was a popular site.  I’d count to 30 and they would dig up as much as they could.  Then they could keep one treasure.  It’s amazing how much the tiny kids loved any kind of treasure no matter what it was.  The bigger kids of course were looking for the real coins.  After three hours my arm hurt from re-covering treasure and scraping my skin on the inside of the holes. two-pirates 


We also got to drink root beer floats, someone told fortunes and they had a Davy Jones Locker where you could lock up anyone you wanted for a price.  I spent $20 on the silent auction and won a whole bunch of coffee and tea related items. 


When I started to hear little kids fussing and lots and lots of crazy fast running I grabbed Ron and knew it was time for us to go home.  We were out of there like a flash.  But it was fun and I’m posting some pictures to give you a look at what you missed. pirate with sword 

Don’t forget the watercolor workshop on Saturday and Sunday at The Dalles Art Center.  You don’t even need to wear Pirate Gear.

2 thoughts on “Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Root Beer

  1. Sue Martin

    This reminds me of my son Travis’s favorite birthday party when he was little. It was a pirate party (actually a Peter Pan party, but most everyone dressed like a pirate). That was the year that both of my boys wanted to be pirates but the store had only one boy pirate costume left. My older son claimed it, and approximately five-year-old Travis cheerfully agreed to be a girl pirate, wearing a cute stripped skirt over his jeans. Of course, he was scarred for life!


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