Trees, Bark and Old Barn Wood

jerry thinks it's springLast weekends watercolor workshop went great!  We worked on textures, tree bark and how to paint trees in landscape.  I was so proud of everyone there.  I especially like how supportive my students were of each other.  There were some nice results and some good ideas.  Lots of people have been checking out books from the (Jerry Fenter) Art Library in the basement and I think that’s a great sign.  It seems to me that the library is getting some new book donations and they’re beginning to take on some kind of order.  I’m donating my very own personal labeler to the art library.  Then we can label types of books in categories.  You’d be surprised at the range of titles.  We have painting (of course), watercolor, histories of art, biographies of some famous artists, the craft of paper-folding and sculpting, papier –mache, every type of drawing you can imagine, and lots and lots more.  I hope all of the artists keep sending in their old magazines and sharing them.  There is a lot of information to be absorbed.  I’d like to thank Heather Marlow for bringing in lots of good stuff as has Carmen, our great gallery director. No matter how much experience a person has had it always helps to look at a variety of different people’s styles to get ideas for new artwork.  I like to encourage students to go out and look at as many galleries and museums as they can just to get the feel of brushstroke, composition, value and center of interest in a painting.  I encourage them to also look for an overall emotional tone in a piece of art.  My students all went to the upstairs gallery and checked out the Garden Show that’s hanging there.  We looked at all of the pieces and picked out our favorites.  We also learned quite a bit about how a juror might look at a piece that’s been entered into a show. Ron and I juried the show this year. The choices for winners were hard to make because of all the fantastic art but Ron and I knew what we were looking for. We each came to our own conclusions and then got together and talked over our final decisions.  I had no problem explaining to my workshop students our choices for awards.  I’m so happy to see that the show is selling well.  We need to really engage the community in the happenings at the art center and of course to buy art.  I think The Dalles Art Center can really become an exciting part of the whole community as we get more and more people involved.  Oh, and did I say the volunteers have been great!  They were a big help to me when Carmen was home sick. 

So here are some photos from the workshop. nancys work stationgreat wood texture

joe with some practice washes

They all look pretty great, huh?  Just one more.  We were lucky enough to have Carmen in the class.  She gets totally into her work and came out with some nice pieces. So all in all the weekend went well.  Next month I’ll be in Mexico during class time so no class until May.  Then I hope to see as many people as I can to try still life in watercolor.  That workshop will  be May 16th and 17th.  This class will be for all levels and beginners are of course encouraged to attend and welcome.  More information for anyone  interested will come later.

your director Carmen at work


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