I Tell It On The Mountain

Resting SpiritCoyote

by William Stafford


My left hind-



in the track of my right



and my hind-right



in the track of my



and so on, for miles—


Me paying no attention, while

my nose rides along letting

the full report, the

whole blast of the countryside

come along toward me

on rollers of scent, and—


I come home with a chicken or

a rabbit and sit up

singing all night with my friends.

It’s baroque, my life, and

I tell it on the mountain.


I wouldn’t trade it for yours.


                                                                                             I found this poem in an old folder eariler today and had to share it with everyone.  William Stafford is one of my favorite all time poets.


All morning I’ve been rooting around in old handouts, notes, poetry, drawings, cartoons and all sorts of odds and ends getting ready for teaching my class in Mexico and my next workshop in The Dalles.  It just proves to me one time again how much I love to teach.  I’ve taught all ages, types and varieties of students since I was in high school.  Even when I think I’m going to walk away from it, something comes up, someone calls and I’m back into it again.  I love watching students learn to express their emotional selves in each painting or story that has been created during one of my classes.  I teach them to let themselves go and let the work bubble up from deep inside of them.  Instead of having students just copy my style I like to help them develop their own style and try to give them the courage to not be timid about what they paint or write.  I want them to laugh, have fun, explore and take risks.  It’s a magical state being an artist and painting and writing are sacred and always to be celebrated.  So spend this afternoon writing on the sidewalk or making paper dolls.  Read a book that you’ve wanted to open since you bought it three years ago.  Give yourself permission to create and play and believe in magic.  Get loose…practice being an artist.  Then tell it on the mountain!



“Resting Spirit” can be purchased through The Attic Gallery in  Portland, Oregon.  Their link is on my list.

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  1. Becky Joy

    Jerry, Your work is really fun and interactive. I’ve tagged your blog with a passion for painting award, because I know that you absolutely have a passion for painting and words. Visit my site for more details.


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