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For those of you who don’t know me my name is Jerry Fenter and I’m a watercolor artist and writer.   I’ve been painting for many years and also write and teach and will soon become a creativity coach and counselor.  The painting below is from my last show at the Attic Gallery in Portland, Oregon and is titled “The Dogs Loved Having Their Own Couch”.  I did a whole series of Bedtime Story Paintings.  Each has a story of it’s own written on the painting itself.  I checked out the tales I wrote with my copy editor, Tavish, my grandson and a connoisseur of books and reading.  He’s five years old and is wiser than anyone I have met in a long time.  He loves my stories and paintings and I hope you will too.  If you’re interested in purchasing a painting please contact Diana at the Attic Gallery or call me at my home.  You won’t regret it!


The Dogs Loved Having Their Own Couch


Today I’d like to thank painter, Becky Joy, for giving me the Passion for Painting Award.  I own two Becky Joy pieces and enjoy them now as much as when I first got them.  Becky is a wonderful plein air painter and has an incredible way of handling paint.  I’m going to pass this award on to some of the other painters I love but first I want to take time to search websites and pick some of my most  favorite to recieve the award. 

You can find Becky’s website on my list of links to my site.  Check it out.  You’ll like it.  After getting this award I am asked to list seven things that I love.  I love so many things it’s hard to chose and of course my passions change daily.  So I’ll give it a try.

  1.  Being in Timber Valley in the late summer with my family.  Relaxing in the flower garden.
  2. Painting, drawing and printmaking.  Playing in my sketchbook is probably the most fun.
  3. Traveling to Mexico and soaking in as much Mexican culture as I can.
  4. Looking up at the milky way at night when it looks so close you can touch it.
  5. Wind storms.
  6. All types of animals especially cats, dogs and horses.
  7. Being on Mt. Adams or Mt. Hood in the summertime.

So there you have it.  Me in a nutshell at this moment in time.  It’s hard to pick only seven.  I have many friends I’d put on the list but they already know who they are. 

This has been a strange and wild week, pirate fighting on the high seas, snow in my yard this late in April (It snowed last night), thinking about learning to be a creativity counselor and also studying to be a guardian/conservator which is something I do for my mom already.  The eagles are out everywhere on the rivers (Klickitat and Columbia) and we have ducks in Disappearing Pond again.  Each year a few ducks raise up their family there.  Last year we had ten ducklings that finally started flying right before the pond dried up.  Last night the coyotes were howling so loud I could hear them over the sound of the TV.  It’s been a good week. 

Next Saturday I will be leaving to teach my class in Mexico.  I’m trying to figure out how to pack all of the art supplies I want to take with me and also have room for clothes.  I’m watching the DVD of Like Water For Chocolate tonight and just finished watching Pan’s Labyrinth to put me in a Latin Magical Realism kind of mood.  I will try to do a blog from Mexico but that depends on if I can find a computer.  So adios and I’ll write a new post as soon as I can. Meh mantendre en contacto!

2 thoughts on “News From A Watercolor Painter

  1. Jerry

    I’m in step with your top seven except for “Wind Storms”. I would still be in step if you said “Rain Storms” but you will have to explain Wind Storms. You and Ron enjoy Mexico. I really enjoy your Blog
    The “Other Jerry”

  2. Mary Hortman

    One day we’ll have to introduce your copy editor to my fashion consultant (Madeleine, age 3 1/2). She was visiting last week, and she told me that I can’t wear the same earrings every day, whereupon she went into my bedroom and found a pair that were more appropriate. It’s nice to have “people”.


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