Magic in Mexico


Here’s my interpretation of our watermelon happening!  The story sounds like its right out of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I even fooled Nancy.


What was the happening?  A small watermelon was dropped from a high place.  It scared the dogs but gave us all full bellies and beautiful paintings.

.watermelon happening




Mexico never disappoints me.  My week there was outrageous, puzzling, mysterious, delicious, inspiring, juicy, disturbing, exhilarating and stimulating.  I came back with hundreds or maybe thousands of new ideas bouncing off the inside walls of my right brain.  I’m trying hard to get the use of my left brain back because I need it to do some important chores today and to learn some brand new left brain information at a Conservatorship meeting on Friday.  Everyone is calling and asking if I have the swine flu or have been captured by a drug cartel.  No…I’m safe and healthy and saw only one lonely police car during the whole trip.patterns of mexico


Melaque has magically simultaneously changed and stayed the same since I was here last.  Some new restaurants and new buildings have been added to the town.  But the same cobblestones, sand and crashing waves are still there.  Excitement and history travel the side streets hand in hand passing gas sellers, trucks overflowing with watermelons, low riders, tourist busses and lingering by the bright tropical flowers that are in bloom everywhere.  The market on Wednesday is always my favorite event.  This is one of my favorite pictures of  a baby resting and playing during all of the noise and crowds.siesta-at the market  The market was as wild and crazy and satisfying as beauty


It was a perfect time for a visit and a class on Magical Realism.  My students did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit of the place and ended up with some beautiful art that will keep memories of Mexico with them forever.



the class 2009 Pam, Constance, Lee and Nancy


a beautiful finish by Lee

 This beautiful watermelon piece was done by Lee.  She has a natural talent for watercolor along with being a very good writer.  This was the first time she had tried watercolor.  Hard to believe, huh?


beautiful painting by Constance

 I think Constance really captured the idea of the whole Magical Realism Workshop in this beautiful piece.  Oh, Mexico!


Saint Ann by Pam

 Pam did this wonderful ex-voto of her friend Ann.  Simplicity and beauty show the devoted feeling of this painting.  Way to go Pam!


Nancy's watermelon watercolor

Wow!  Bursting with the feeling and colors of Mexico.  Nancy did a great job of blowing my mind!


Nancy and Richard Lennie, the owners of La Paloma are the best.  They now have three little terriers that make the place come alive with happiness and mischief.  Casey Brown, my favorite boxer ever, has passed on and was very much missed by me.  I often thought I saw glimpses of Casey out of the corner of my eye, hiding behind a palm tree or guarding the gate near the pool.shrine-to-casey-brown1  We will miss you always, Casey.


Nancy with lots of friends











Oh, great news, a bartender has been added to the La Paloma staff.  His name is Paco and is an excellent Mixmaster.  He also makes the best hotdogs and hamburgers in the entire state of Jalisco.  Isabel has also added new breakfast creations that are to die for.


Downtown the Catholic Church still feels the same, even after some new “remodeling” that may or may not have been added for Easter season.  I lit a candle near the statue of Guadalupe for Cathy Monin’s mother who left us recently and for my mother who is in the late stages of Alzheimer’s disease.  The church always calms me.Our Lady


I didn’t want to leave.  Home now, I feel the constant pull of Mexico calling me back.  I’ll be there.  Next year, same time. 


The pathway towards home 

More on Mexico and my updated schedule as soon as my brain is back on the left side.  Buenos Tardes!

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