Fun and Creative Workshop in the Dalles

Jerry's AbstractBefore I leave for Seattle this weekend I just wanted to say how much I appreciated the people who took my class over this last weekend.  It was the first really hot and sunny day in The Dalles, usually time to work on gardens, ride horses and just kick back.  But I was lucky and had a great group of students join me on Saturday and Sunday for a watercolor workshop.  This class just clicked.  Everyone worked hard and came out with some wonderful paintings and poems!  We all got very inspired.


I got all abstract as you can see above, and my students showed both their painting and writing talents. Eva painted this beautiful watercolor image and when asked to write about her self wrote this poem.

 Take and Give                                                                                                                          

 By E. Piatt

 Strengthen the womb                            

Prevents MiscarriageEva's Watermelon


Takes away fingers

and toes.

 Who knew

She can still draw

And paint

Even with missing fingers

And toes?


Pat came up with a great image and left us with this poem. 


The Frolic

By Pat


Fairies and Elves in the forestPat's figure (close up)

Amongst the foliage

Are they German or English?

Do they like cabbage?

 Do they like tea?

I have seen them in the pasture

Frolicking with the horses,

Tickling their noses

On the dusty coats and furry ears.


Vonda’s Poem and piece were great! 




By VondaVonda's Still Life

Wise old owl

Who makes me laugh.

Penny tight

Who showers me with gifts

Free Spirit

Who sees chaos clearly


Who loves to play. 






 Bonnie’s poem was an example of her energy and creativity.



Love is Life 

By Bonnie

Love is life

Change is travel.

World is color.

Change is life.

Love is travel.

Color is the world.

Color is life.

Love is the world.Bonnie's Still Life

Life is as good or bad as a spilled Bloody Mary in your lap.

Make the best of it.

Be happy.


This past workshop left us all happy.  Nancy, the art center’s drawing instructor was also with us but somehow I couldn’t find her poem or her picture.  She did some beautiful work with ease as usual. Somehow the work was lost on my camera or somewhere in cyberspace.  Sorry, Nancy, next time.  My computer skills will get better!

I also did a poem.


Renaissance Woman

By Jerry

 I am a woman done so many things





 I am a woman done so many things





 I am a woman done so many things



Fearing the future

Loving the future

I am a woman done so many things.


That’s all folks!  I’m off to Seattle to see Tavish, Hans, Ellen, Clover and Mari!





















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