Two Days at the Museum…Watercolor Workshop at Maryhill Museum

Keeper...Watercolor by Jerry FenterYes!  On Saturday, June 27th and Sunday June 28th from 11:00am to 4:00pm we will be having our watercolor workshop on the grounds of the beautiful Maryhill Museum.  We have permission to paint anywhere we like on the grounds and will have a water source at the restrooms in the picnic area.  We can paint the sculpture garden, the flower garden or any other areas that catch our imagination.  What a great opportunity and what fun!  The cost to you is $50 for each day and you MUST have signed up, paid and have a written receipt from Carmen at The Dalles Art Center by Wednesday June 24th.  (This is so I know how many people to count on).  If you want to go into the museum you will have to pay admission so remember to bring a little extra money with you for that.  The staff at the museum is excited about us coming so please…everybody join us.  All levels of experience are fine.  We will meet at the picnic area at Maryhill on Saturday morning at 11:00am.  You’ll recognize us because of all the stuff we’ll be carrying!  Questions?  Call Carmen at The Dalles Art Center 541-296-4759 or Jerry at 509-365-5119.




·        Sketch pad

·        Kneaded rubber eraser

·        Pencils, ruler, knife scissors and masking tape

·        Box for supplies

·        Sponges, rags and a large water container because you may need to carry over water to paint flowers or other subject matter on the museum grounds.





·        A watercolor block any size you want.  Arches has some nice ones.  This is a stack of paper bound together so you can use one sheet at a time and also have something solid to work on in your lap for outdoors.  If you can handle sheets of paper and a painting board that’s ok.  The paper should be at least 140 pounds.




·        A palette with an area for washes.  I like the Robert Wood Palette, found in most art stores.




·        Watercolor assortment (rounds #3, #6, #10 or #12 and a larger wash brush for big areas.



·        Winsor/Newton, Cotman or Grumbacher. (You’ll have the best results from these brands).  These are tube paints.  Buy the small tube if you are just beginning.  Cadmium lemon, alizarin crimson, Prussian blue, hooker’s green dark, cadmium red, burnt sienna, Payne’s gray, sap green and some kind of purple or maroon are good colors to start with.  Get other colors as you see fit. 



·        Sun hat*              

·        Sun screen*         

·        Sun glasses*               

·        Cool clothing*

·        Camera*

·        Cooler with lunch and drinks*

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