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What a crazy week.  I’m wearing so many hats.  I’m being a painter (finished eight paintings), I’m being a reader (more on that later), I’m being a detective and a damned good one too, I’m being a creativity coach with three clients who at this particular time are happy with what they’ve been doing, I’m being a researcher (goes with the detective work) and this morning I was a bee shooer (very dangerous).  Also I’m now on Twitter and still can’t quite figure out how it works.  It is pretty amazing though and here’s why.

 Dave Chappelle


    Last week on a weekday my daughter called me and said there were rumors of Dave Chappelle being in Portland.  Mr. Chappelle, or as I refer to him as Dave, is one of the best comedians I’ve ever seen.  He used to have a show called “The Chappelle Show” on the Comedy Channel and he was raw, sometimes racial, often silly, a great impersonator, and always hilarious.  After a few seasons Dave left TV after getting offered a fifty five million dollar contract with the Comedy Channel.  He was going through a crisis of meaning of some sort and he turned it down.  He has been pretty reclusive ever since.

So when Amy told me he might be in Portland and might be giving a free performance at the Pioneer Courthouse Square I was excited, wished I lived closer to Portland and wanted to know if it was true.  I turned to Twitter.Tweets were abounding.  Dave was seen on 6thavenue, Dave had stopped to have Mexican food, Dave was staying at the Heathman Hotel, Dave was really going to give a free show at the square.  Hundreds of tweets, maybe more like thousands.  My computer was buzzing.  I watched Twitter until midnight when he was supposed to show up.  Amy had gone to the square to wait for Dave after she got off work at 10:00 pm.  Already people were gathering.  By midnight there were about three thousand people.  I called her and she said it sure looked like he was going to give a performance.  I said to call and let me know in the morning.  I WENT TO BED.   


In the morning I called Amy and she said that yes, The real Dave Chappelle did show up at the square, but all he had for a microphone was a toy bull horn run by batteries.  He started the show by thanking Duracell!  By this time five thousand people were gathered, it was crowded and noisy, police were there and everyone was trying to set up a sound system.  The power had been turned out on the square at midnight.  Amy heard a few jokes.  One was reported in the Oregonian to be “I’ve never seen so many people so close together and not being violent,” but Amy said she thinks he said “I’ve never seen so many people so close together and nobody getting pregnant.”  That sounds more like the Dave I know.  Anyway it was a great Portland Happening and not to be forgotten.  Thanks, Twitter for keeping me up to date.  And thanks, Dave, for being there.


I just finished eight paintings.  How I got so inspired is thanks to my class I taught out at Maryhill.  “The Real Queens of Romania” is the title of one of the paintings.  Also I’ll be teaching another workshop at The Dalles Art Center on July 25th and 26th.  I’ve got a great assignment in mind that will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

 Murder Scene Number 27

My detective work on “Murder in Timber Valley” is really keeping me busy.  I’ve been researching murders around this area, reading Appleton history and interviewing some of the people who know Anita Wolf.  I even called the jail in Goldendale to see if I could send a letter to Ms. Wolf but was told she could not have any letters or contact.  I’m gathering up lots of theories from various people but so far I’m still in the investigative process.  I did take pictures of the scene of the crime and I’ll share a couple here just to get you interested.  Cody (my assistant, see picture at top of post) and I went up Rustic to # 27 and checked it out. 

It would be easy to hide out in the woods around here for a long time.  We have thick forests and natural brush.  Creambrush Timber Valley


As far as my dangerous bee shooing, this morning our pump on our well went out.  No water.  This is a disaster of the highest sort up here.  We called our local “pump” man and he said he’d come up this afternoon.  Ron had to take the pump house apart and open it up so Ervin of AA Sales could reach the pump to find out what’s wrong.  As Ron took it apart he found a honey bee hive starting up under the insulation.  Ron’s deadly allergic to bees.  So I put on my sweat shirt and bravely took a long piece of re-bar and knocked the hive (which was round and smallish) out into our front field.  Bees flew at me but mostly they followed the nest.  I whacked it over further from the house and figured they would set up their nest in a better place.  We didn’t want to kill them…they’re honey bees.


If you have a chance read Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.  It’s a wonderful book, can be placed in the magical realism realm and is a great read.  Foer is so creative with his characters and writes expertly from different points of view. 


    “Read it, and you’ll feel altered, chastened—seared in the fire of something new.”

                                                   Washington Post Book World


More later.  Please look at my work and buy something to support the arts. 

3 thoughts on “Paint, Twitter, Detect and Save Bees

  1. Amy

    Dave had a tiny toaster-size amp powered by batteries. A bull horn would have been better! :)They say now there were 10,000 people at the square. I was pretty close, and I could tell that he had been honing his Obama impersonation.

  2. Nancy Coffelt


    And that’s saying a lot. I mean, heavy machinery, come on.

    You are brave and noble artist, worthy of the art gods’ kind and generous bounty. Plus – great dog photo! Aahh….

  3. Sue Martin

    Now that you’re tweeting, you must join me on Face Book. I’ll send you an invitation. That’s a great story about Dave and the contemporary social media scene. Wonder what will happen when Christ returns…


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