Hornets, Maryhill, Gardens, Cody and The Dalles Watercolor Workshop

Hot Cannon Beach Red in Our Garden


Today Timber Valley is hot.  I don’t think I’ve seen it this hot for years.  I’m crabby and want to bite someone and Cody is trying to keep me from doing that because he is a good dog. I’m not a good girl. There is no new news on the murder story but if the temperature keeps rising there could be more mayhem in the making.  Hot weather plus cabin fever equals Timber Valley Law and Order Special Case Squad called to duty.  I’m still gathering information to share with you but need some time to interview a few more neighbors and get their theories on the situation.  I did call the Goldendale jail and asked if I could send a note to Anita Wolf (the suspect) but was told she could have no communication by mail or otherwise.  Interesting.  The rumor is she’s not talking.  The whole thing was an accident.  An accident that involved a shot-gun and three days hiding out in the woods.  Curiouser and curiouser.

 Hornet Death Machine


I’m taking out my aggressions by watching hornets die slow deaths in our hornet traps.  For people that don’t live with stinging hornets the trap is a long yellow plastic tube with an entry hole and some poison on a cotton wad shoved inside that the hornets are attracted to by the hundreds. There is NO EXIT. We have two of these weapons of destruction.  They are both full.  Tonight Ron will have to go out when it’s dark and all stinging hornets are sleeping and dump the dead hornets into piles out in the woods.   We also have nests at the tip of Ron’s studio and in the crawl space next to the front porch.  For those we tried the eco-friendly squirt can full of liquid guaranteed to not be a danger to the environment.  Those hornets loved it.  They thrived on it.  The next day we bought the REAL stuff.  KILLS ON CONTACT.  ELIMINATES THE NEST.  It’s aptly called HOT SHOT and has a 27 foot jet spray.  Here are some use tips:  If it’s windy stand with the wind at your back to avoid spray drift.  Do not use this product in or on electrical equipment due to the possibility of shock hazard.  Apply at sunset when insects are least active. We tree huggers got the Special Value Power Pack.


Cody charms the Maryhill gang


On a more positive note we had the best time hosting the teaching institute group from Maryhill Museum last week led by the wonderful Carrie Clark. I was a little nervous that they would get lost trying to find our cabin but everyone got here, saw our studios, drank lemonade and ate cookies.  Even though our place is what might be called “rustic” everyone seemed to enjoy our yard and outdoor sculpture and garden area.  Cody was of course the star of the day and had many many pictures taken of him.  He finally got tired of having his picture taken and went inside the cabin to sneak up to the cat’s area to stare out at the crowd.  He was very funny. I think he loved most everyone there. Thanks so much, Maryhill, for thinking of us and being so gracious in our home and studios. Don’t forget the Maryhill Arts Festival is coming up on August 15th and 16th.  It should be fun and you can buy some of my art! 

 Dell works on her ex-voto

My workshop was somuch fun this weekend at The Dalles Art Center. (air conditioned). We worked on using our watercolor skills to do what are in Mexico called ex-votos. Vonda's Magic Margarita

These are paintings that give thanks for a good ending to a bad situation or just to glorify something or someone who is important to you. Joyce's Saint Barbie The pieces the students turned out were great.  We all had lunch on Sunday at Burgerville which by the way has some of the best fresh salads anywhere.  One of us had an ice cream cone for lunch and one snuck in leftover Chinese food from Saturday. Deborah's Magic Bird Sneaky.  I teach my students well.  My next workshop at The Dalles Art Center will be September 26th and 27th.  Write it down.  I’ll post more information as we get closer to that date.  Also I have the dates of my Mexico workshop set with Nancy Lennie at LaPaloma.  The dates are April 10th-17th 2010.  So get your passports updated, practice a little Spanish (don’t worry most Mexican people will be bilingual unlike us Americans) and let me know you’re interested by sending me your name, address and E-mail address ASAP.  I’m going to limit the class to 10 people and I’ve had lots of interest so far.  More will be written on this later.  If you have questions just E-mail me or call me at 509-365-5119.Heather's Cat Miracle


And that’s the way it was for the past week.  I miss Walter Cronkite and hate listening to CNN.  Where do they find all of those skinny chicks anyway?  Oh, I have a face book page now.  Pass it on.  Also let’s kick some politician butt until we get decent health care for everyone… that does include Obama’s butt too.  Over and out.Joyce works on her dog's portrait

6 thoughts on “Hornets, Maryhill, Gardens, Cody and The Dalles Watercolor Workshop

  1. Sue Martin

    You can put those hornet traps in the freezer for a day before emptying. That way you’ll be sure they’re either dead or very cold and slow. I think I need to do an ex-voto for Booger.

  2. Jerry Fenter Post author

    Yuk..not in my freezer. Too creepy near the Costco frozen blueberries but I appreciate the thought. An e-voto for Booger would be very appropo. I’m halfway through one for Woody.


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