Live Like There is No Tomorrow and Buy Art

Me and My Sharks


It’s very hard to tear myself away from the uplifting National Geographic Channel’s special Shark Week that I’ve been watching to lighten my mood. The exciting video of sharks attacking man, attacking women, attacking in fresh water, attacking in salt water and especially the top ten most feared beaches for shark attacks has kept me staring at the screen to just cheer me up. This has been some week. It has truly been surreal. First, the hornet story continues. The hornets grew more and more ferocious as the week went on. We tried environmental sprays on the hive hidden in the wall under a log…we have a log cabin so can’t tear into the hive through a wall. Then, as you know, we got out those big guns, HOT SHOT, probably the most poisonous substance known to man or bee and waited for sundown. Actually we waited until it was totally dark because Ron and I both get really nervous when hornets come around us. I’m not allergic but Ron is so we keep Benadryl around at all times. So it was dark. We got flashlights, went outside and sprayed both cans of the Deadly Toxic Poison straight into the hornet hole. We came inside. We washed our hands as if we were surgeons, got some bottles of water and fell into our chairs. Even over the sound of the TV we heard a slight buzzing noise. Both of us acted like we didn’t hear it at first. Denial. Then it got so loud it was unmistakable. We muted the TV and the wall sounded like…well I don’t have the words to describe it…the wall hummed. We looked at each other and calmed ourselves by saying that the loud humming was happening because the hornets had been stirred up by the spray and were in their death throws. We sat down. We watched TV. Then we looked over to our coffee table light and saw two hornets spiraling around and around the lamp. I jumped into action, grabbed the fly swatter and a copy of The Sun (academic literary collection that comes monthly as a magazine) and started swinging at them. I smashed the first two. More were coming. Soon the living room and kitchen were infested with bees. It seemed that the more I killed the more that came in. In the meantime Ron is checking the baseboard to see where the hornets were entering the cabin. There were four tiny holes in the baseboard and they were also shooting out of the end of the baseboard under the stairs to the loft. I ran to my computer and googled “How to Get Rid of Hornets”. This was very wise because the article said NEVER to use a flyswatter or a copy of The Sun to smash hornets. That is because when smashed, hornets give off a strong pheromone that attracts all other hornets right to it. I threw The Sun and the swatter out the front door and kept reading. It seems that the best defense for ridding your inside house of hornets is to get out that vacuum cleaner and suck ‘em up. So we did. I also found some of that putty that you can hang posters with and plugged the little holes.  We shoved two washrags into the big hole at the end of the baseboard. Kind of like Ma and Pa Kettle would have in those old Timber Valley like movies.  We spent until about 2:00 in the morning running around the house like crazy sucking up every hellish hornet that we could get to. It felt good to see them inside the clear bag less plastic container of our Dirt Devil. It was FUN! Is this the start of a whole new serial killing part of our lives? I don’t think so. But the next morning the hornets were still going in and out of the hole. We had to repeat the whole thing last night and so we shall see.  No sign of them coming in from last night. The living room is quiet so far.  Good news.

 Landscape With Lenticular Cloud All Trees Have Fallen on My Car

 Life is short. Live for today. Be in the moment. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that to students, friends, relatives and to myself almost like a mantra. Well, last Wednesday I was driving home from Portland going down Interstate 84 just thinking about keeping my speed down below 65 (I’ve gotten two tickets so far outside of Hood River for speeding and one for “careless driving”.) So I’m driving well, I’m proud of myself. I’m thinking how good a driver I’d become after the interactions with Johnny Law (from an old Betty Davis movie). Out of the corner of my eye, just before the turn off to Hood River at exit 62 I saw movement about halfway up the embankment…which is high. All of a sudden something hit HARD on top of my car, scraped the whole right side and bounced off. I pulled over off of the road, shaking by this time, and saw that the car behind me had also been hit and its front window had also been destroyed. A dead tree had fallen and hit my car hard, bounced off and hit the car behind me.  I called 911. They hooked me up to the OSP who gave me a case number for insurance purposes after finding out that I was all right.  A girl from the car behind came up to see if I had been hurt. They also had gotten a case number. Shaken up, I drove home. We couldn’t check out the damage until the morning in daylight and it was awful. One second later and I would have been a statistic. A statistic with a branch sticking out of my head.  So…be prepared for everything and enjoy each day.

 Our Powerful Lady of Apple Pie

Oh, I have a question that I started on my face book page. When you were small would you rather have been a Queen, King, Princess, Prince, Count, Countess, Bad Girl, Bad Boy, Mysterious Woman or Superhero, Madonna or Mad Man or Mad Woman like Zelda Fitzgerald? Think hard and send an answer in my comments section. I myself have always wanted to be a Bad Girl but never have quite gotten that far. I always loved those bad boys though.  I get closer and more like Joan Crawford as I get older.  Thank goodness I’m too old to have a baby.  The series of paintings that will be coming up at the Maryhill Arts Festival will explore these themes as will our “Dark Side” show at the Attic Gallery in December. No news on the murder. Cody and I are still working on it.

Late news flash….I just have gotten an interview with two “knowing” people who are on the board of the Timber Valley Ranchers Association about the Anita Wolf Murder.  They have filled me in on lots of detail surrounding the murder and will be happy to share information with me.  I will be talking with them after our annual TVRA meeting and then I’ll have lots more detail on what happened.  Right now the air is full of rumor, threats and lots of gun talk. It’s also full of hornets.

4 thoughts on “Live Like There is No Tomorrow and Buy Art

  1. John Maher

    My advice, hornet-wise is, hang the next hornet you kill outside your door with a sign around it’s ( I know its small) neck. The sign would read “This was the last hornet we caught inside our house”

    Try it.


  2. Sue Martin

    The old saying, “You could get hit by a bus tomorrow…” is so trite after your adventures with dead trees falling and killer hornets. My new advice about living for today (if anyone should listen) will be, “You could get hit by a dead tree falling on the Interstate…you just never know…”


    I always wanted to be a princess without a title.. just I knew I was a princess.. there fore everyone else just let me be me and liked me for me.. not my title.. I knew I was a princess and that was all that counted.


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