2010 Art in Mexico Workshop and Retreat

 Magical Realism by Jerry

 2010 Art in Mexico Workshop and Retreat

Jerry Fenter Instructor

Magical Realism


    It’s that time of year again to plan for something fun, relaxing and creative in a magical place.  It’s time to reserve your spot in Jerry’s 2010 workshop and retreat in Melaque, Mexico at the beautiful La Paloma Resort!  The workshop is open to experienced and inexperienced students. With some focus on watercolor and on the writings of the great Latin American authors, anyone with an interest in the arts, painters, poets, writers and photographers, are invited to spend the week of April 10th to April 17th 2010 with international artist and writer Jerry Fenter for a fun and rejuvenating workshop.

    With some background and information about Magical Realism, Jerry will teach you to play with painting and words in your own individual way to reflect the culture of Mexico with your work.

    Sound great?  The cost is $400 per person based on double occupancy at the La Paloma Resort for one week plus $600 per person for Jerry’s 5 day workshop.  The total comes to $1000 for the package (not including airfare).  For more details or questions call Jerry at 509-365-5119 or e-mail at fenter@gorge.net. To see the La Paloma Resort go to www.lapalomamexico.com/.



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To save your place, please fill out and send this form and a check for $50 made out to Jerry Fenter ASAP. This check is non-refundable but will go to the price of the workshop. To make reservations at La Paloma for your accommodations email, retreat@prodigy.net.mx  Ouestions? Call Jerry at 509-365-5119. The address is 26 Frontier Rd., Appleton, WA 98602.  Don’t miss out. The class will be limited this year to 10 students. 







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