California Calling

Redwood Forest

It’s been a busy week around here.  I’m in the process of getting ready to participate in the Kings Mountain Arts Festival in Northern California. I’ll be deep in the Redwood Forest.   I’ve been painting like crazy and just finished the last painting yesterday.  Ron is at this very moment framing the piece out in the studio.  We leave on Wednesday afternoon and it will be a very quick trip because school is starting and the school buses are running and Ron needs to be behind the wheel. Kings Mountain is a beautiful place.  The fair there was started years ago by Neil Young who lives about a mile from the site.  I haven’t seen him yet but I’ll keep my fingers crossed and listen to all of my Neil Young CD’s on the way down.  I hate these long drives and wish some magic person would come to me and support my art for the rest of my life.  I’m very tired of doing art fairs and have only done two this year.  This is partly because of the bad economy and partly because I’m just too busy doing other things.  I’m trying to get my creativity counseling business started, keep my blog going, and keep up to date on what’s happening in Timber Valley in addition to painting every day. 

Last week was a good week.  My friend Bill was back in the guest room in the cabin and we had lots of fun eating, laughing and drinking the local wines while watching our favorite shows on TV.  Bill, like me and Ron will watch most anything, so we spent time watching Top Chef, news with Rachel Maddow, and Mad Men.  If you haven’t seen Mad Men yet sign up for Netflix and catch up for goodness sakes!  Don Draper is so much like my own father in certain ways I can hardly believe it.  Betty Draper is the perfect housewife, wearing the coolest vintage clothes and aprons during the day and wild sexy under things at night.   Don’t we all want to be Betty?  No, says my daughter.  Amy observes  that Betty likes to ride horses (good) but Betty also has to sleep with skeezy Don Draper (bad). Tonight is another installment and I can’t wait.  Ron feels the same way about Rescue Me.  He won’t miss it.  I can’t understand people who never watch TV or rent TV shows.  TV and the net and the movies reflect our culture and can be just kick ass fun!  I always have to laugh when someone says they only watch PBS.  I know they have secrets.  They probably wait until everyone is in bed and watch True Blood on HBO or just can’t miss Law and Order.  I don’t trust people that can’t laugh at themselves enough to admit that they do have some interest in cutting edge culture.  Just like some people don’t trust anyone in striped overalls (my cowboy friend, Charley) I don’t trust those who hate TV or movies.   However you know you’ve gone way over an acceptable  edge when you start watching infomercials or the World Championship of Poker all night long.

 Bill Ponders the Beauty Surrounding Maryhill

Bill and I went out to Maryhill Museum on Thursday.  He had never been there so it was a real learning experience for him.  He was surprised at how much “stuff” is packed in the museum building.  The sculptures, icons, Queen Marie’s collection and the traveling Ansel Adams show seemed to be his favorites.  He thought looking at the chess sets was as boring as looking at toy soldiers or watching paint dry, although that exhibit is one of my favorites.  We had lunch in the little café and then went to the gift shop where Bill bought me some outrageous bling.  I now am the owner of a beautiful, shiny, beaded Peacock shawl that I modeled in the sculpture garden on the grounds later in the day.  I love shiny things and especially love this because it came from such a great friend. (I’ll post a picture of my modeling experience later).  Again I felt like a Queen.

The Queen Makes Her Own Rules

I’ve put any more writing about the murder investigation on hold.  I’m still talking to neighbors and others about it,  and keeping detailed notes but I realized that it just may be too soon to share everything I’m learning on line. It’s like picking at a new scab and could hurt some sensitive people. So I’m saving everything I learn now and from the upcoming trial for what I hope will become a three part book on three different murders in Klickitat County. Murder in a small country town like Appleton is interesting, sad and disturbing all at the same time and would make for some good reading.  I’m hoping to fictionalize the book and need to find someone interested in publishing it. 

Remember watercolor class at The Dalles Art Center the last weekend in September.  I’m cooking up some challenging and fun projects to complete.  Everyone is welcome.

 California here I come.

5 thoughts on “California Calling

  1. Mary Hortman

    I also LOVE Madmen…or I should say “loved”, because I don’t get it any more (sigh). I could watch episodes on my laptop…if only I had internet out in the boonies (I’m writing this at the local Dairy Queen). Anyway, I enjoyed the post.

  2. John Maher

    Jerry; Check out Tin House Publications in Portland. A small literary publisher with great reputation. Let me know what happens or if you need an intro to publisher.


  3. Sue Martin

    Finally catching up on your blog and I realize you are right now at the King’s Mountain festival, so I’m sending positive energy in that direction. On the topic of TV, I’ve now watched a couple of episodes of Mad Men and I can see why people find it captivating. I just have time fitting weekly shows into my schedule; maybe I should move to the woods on a mountainside, away from the city distractions.

  4. Elizabeth

    thank you for your new consideration on my brothers murder. while it is a very sore subject, i’ve not been able to stop myself from your updates and torturing myself.

    1. Jerry Fenter Post author

      Please don’t torture yourself. I’m hoping when I fictionalize this and two other situations like this that have happened in this tiny area that you will be willing to tell me your side of the story. Thank you for letting me know how you feel. I have no brothers or sisters and cannot imagine the sadness of it. If you would like to give me any input just e-mail me at I’m willing to talk with you at any time. If not…that’s ok too. Take care of yourself. Jerry


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