Baubles, Bangles and Bright Shiny Beads

John Hamm All the Way

Tonight are the Emmy Awards. I know (sadly), that like most people I come into contact with, those artsy types, you’re right now letting out a long sigh and saying, “Why would a full time artist and creativity counselor like Jerry look forward to a long evening of the Emmy awards on that small evil box in her living room?” It’s still a small box because we can’t afford the 55” TV flat screen set that we dream about. I am as always in love with the Emmy Awards and the Academy Awards and am not afraid or embarrassed to say so! My great friend and I think long lost sister in Phoenix, Nan Madsen, is just like me. When I stayed down at her house in Phoenix for so many winters we would look forward to award shows, cook for them, drink while they were on and even fill out pre-award ballots. We’d pay close attention to the fashion, even though I almost live my entire life in a tee-shirt and jeans with a flannel shirt over the top. Nan usually prefers scrubs…being an ex-nurse. I don’t care. I love fashion, I love TV, I love movies and I love watching the stars come out at night. Tonight my favorite TV show of all time (for the moment) is up for sixteen awards in the drama category. Mad Men has now taken over first place in my heart from The Sopranos. This took some time because just the thought of Tony Soprano can make my heart race. Who knows why? But now Betty and Don capture my imagination and also remind me so very much of my own parents and their suburban lifestyle while I was in Junior High and High School. If you haven’t seen Mad Men I’d suggest you rent the first two seasons from Netflix and watch them NOW. The writing is so incredibly good that you will be enchanted. Don is so much like my own father, distant, alcoholic and yet a hard working ad man (my dad was a salesman and later a tavern owner) who I think might have found making money for his family important but didn’t really feel totally emotionally devoted to them. His wife Betty is an interesting character, not as crazy as my mother, but like my mother shows mixed feelings toward her children and her position as a housewife. Wow, I don’t want to get into any psychotherapy here but there will be someone who you can identify with on the show. If you go to the Mad Men Official Website which is http:/ you will get lots of information about the show, can find out how to make all of the 1960’s cocktails just like a bartender and even create your own avatar. I have my own avatar. Here she is.  I’m holding a martini straight up.  

                           My avatar                                                                                                           

 So I’m off to the red carpet for a magic night of dresses, awards, narcissism, long speeches and Chicken and Artichoke Delight Pizza in front of my tiny old fashioned almost sixties like TV. First I’ll watch the Emmy’s and then I’ll settle in for Mad Men and see what Betty and Don are up to. Then I’ll check on how Peggy is doing. Will she ever get that raise?

A few important notes: Don’t forget my classes at the Dalles Art Center next Saturday and Sunday from eleven to four. We’re doing some self portrait work. Also only four spaces left for Mexico. Sign up now. I just bought my plane ticket! Congratulations to Mark Cooksey and his new wife on their wedding. Congratulations to his mother, Susan Cooksey for making it through the whole thing. I’m so sorry we missed the two day celebration! More congratulations to my friend Bill for his three new job opportunities. Tavish and Hans …I love the Halloween Candles.  They are excellent and very very scary.  I’m off now on my magic carpet ride.

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