Painting and the Theatre of the Absurd

Valerie and Her Spider Model

For the last two days I’ve listened to my class as they worked on learning how to do watercolor. I wrote down some of what I heard. Thanks so much  to everyone who took the class. The photos are from the Sunday class  because I forgot my camera on Saturday. The dialogue is from both days. It reminds me of an avant garde play. Thanks, Del Corbett, my high school drama coach, for predicting my life and how it’s turned out… way before it happened.  You were a great teacher!

 Background Music (Dance Me to the End of Love) by Leonard Cohen

“Oh boy!” “We made a list of ten obsessions.” If I was Hellboy I wouldn’t have to work or worry anymore.” “I talked to my husband last night and we had so many take away moments together.” “It’s eleven thirty. Oh my God, music.” “My daughter and I went to the fair and rode all the rides and went to the rodeo. We were there for hours and hours. When I asked her what was her favorite thing about the day…she said ‘When your phone quit working!’” “That’s the spider room!”

 Background Music (Penny Royal Tea) by Nirvana

“We love daddy longlegs.” “I like daddy longlegs.” “We don’t even have a TV.” “Well, there’s your problem.” “The people on Air America love to sell products.”

 Background Music (Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys) by Willie Nelson.

“After fifty I felt like it was too late to do anything important with my art.” “That’s awesome!” “Make yourself happy’” “I jumped ship from the phone company.” “Emily Carr” “It’s a wonderful book.” “Best book I ever read.” “He followed this painting back through the centuries.” “In the painting there was one little tiny obscure face.” “Love’s the only engine of survival.” “The forest lovers.” “Totem Poles.” “Mexico.” “Thank you so much.” “I’m drawing me ten years ago.” “Don’t try and be too fussy.” “What did I want?” “Red, red, red.” “Cadmium red?” “I have a friend that used to shave her eyebrows and now she has none.” “OK, yeah, I can do that.” “Do you like Jackson Brown?” “He was at the Maryhill Winery.” “You can take a regular lawn chair there and have a perfect view.”

 Background Music (On the Road Again) by Willie Nelson

 “I enjoyed this. It’s the perfect costume with Jerry’s painting in the background.” “I didn’t know Jerry when I bought it.” “What did you use for your sky yesterday?” “Indigo.” “A lot of his students were adjudicated.” “If it’s not locked it must be booby trapped.” “It’s the planning that takes the time.”

 LUNCH on SUNDAY (pause)        New Friends fom Burgerville

“Should I make my kitty more orange?” “Just a touch of orange…people’s eyes will fill in the rest.” “Should I paint the spider’s head or hat first?”

 Background Music (There is a Town in North Ontario) by K.D. Lang

“It takes so little to make him happy.” “I’ll save it for her and bring it next time.”

 LONG PAUSE AND LONG QUIET PERIOD Background Music (I Love the Best in You) by K.D. Lang

 “I’m gonna put my husband’s picture in here.” “I was going to cut out her face and paint the costume.” “Why did my Payne’s Grey turn blue?” “How can I make it more black?” “The spider will dry later, right?” “My two would unroll the toilet paper and I’d find it when I got home.” “Shredded the shower curtain.” “After my books all dry can I go in with permanent marker and put titles on them?” “I can’t wait to see the titles on the books.” “Some of them are real titles and some I’ll make up.”


 How to Raise Chickens and Piss off Your Neighbors

Training Your Cat to Fetch Game birds

 Trashy Romance Novel

 Mexico!      Vonda Prepares for Her Assignment

So You Think You Can Paint

Finance for Retirees

“I love Tonka trucks.”

Background Music (You Were Always On My Mind) by Willie Nelson

“The eyes are kind of a disturbing white.” “I’m waiting for my butt to dry.” “Was it a yellow or a blue? I can’t remember.” “Will it be overkill if I put hair on the spider? I hope it doesn’t stain the brush.” Mary's Hands Work Miracles (small)

Background Music (You Are the Wind Beneath My Wings) by Willie Nelson

My next classes at The Dalles Art Center and Avant Guard Theatre Group will be October sixteenth and seventeenth. We will be creating some excellent Christmas Cards!

3 thoughts on “Painting and the Theatre of the Absurd

  1. Sue Martin

    Sounds like a very entertaining couple of days! I love the comments out of context with background music….just like impressionistic painting, your imagination fills in the gaps!

  2. John Maher

    I have an addition to your reading list (a Halloween special)
    “The Dummies Guide To Near Death Experiences”

    Happy Birthday Jerry! May you stay forever young!



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