October Surprises

First Snow October 13, 2009

It’s October thirteenth and I was going to start my post talking all about the beach. When I looked outside my topic changed to “The First Snow”. Yep. It’s snowing in Timber Valley. This year it’s really early. Usually we don’t get a first snow until October thirty first (a Halloween snow). Until the no free range laws were enforced in our area the cows (owned by the people who lived in our cabin before us) would actually come down our driveway and come home to OUR barn every year on the day before Halloween. Hence one of my favorite paintings that still hangs in our dining room is titled “When the Cows Come Home”. I don’t think this snow will get too deep. At least I hope not because we’re trying to get the roof on our new pump house finished.

View from beach house

The beach last week was a wonderful time. Julie (a great and talented friend) invited me to spend a week with her at her beach house at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. The weather was beautiful (one of the great secrets of fall at the beach) so we got lots of walks outside and also walked down to shop in the tiny town of Cannon Beach. Chica, one of Julie’s tiny dogs, got lots of beach time with me walking along the shore and looking at the thousands of pelicans who must have been resting on the beach all at once right in front of our house. I have never seen so many pelicans in Oregon. I’ve watched them for hours in Mexico but never counted so many at one time. There must have been some great exotic delicacy for them to eat hidden in the water or the sand. During the week, Julie and I both worked on our own art. She is making one of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever seen. It’s a really difficult pattern and is turning out to be breathtaking. I’m working on my “Dark Side” show for the Attic Gallery in December. So we painted, quilted, ate, drank wine and lemon drops, read and rested. Also, many of you know how I love Funland over at Seaside…about seven miles from Cannon Beach. So, one lazy afternoon I drove down (by myself…wild horses couldn’t drag Julie with me) to see the carnival like games, pin-ball machines, dance machines, neon horse races, bumper cars and midway atmosphere that this dark side girl loves so much.ride the scooter I took lots of pictures and got lots of inspiration from my trip. What did I purchase? Two hula hoops, one for me and one for my friend Sara, and two tattoos to be used in a painting. I came home excited and satisfied. We ended the week with a lazy dinner at The Bistro in town. We relaxed, ate and enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of the place. What a great time. Thanks, Julie.

Halloween is coming. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because I can stretch my birthday (October twenty-fourth) into a Halloween celebration and then can celebrate All Saints Day and Day of the Dead which makes for a long long birthday party for me! I’ve never gotten a birthday cake that wasn’t orange and black with witches and spiders and skeletons on it. My glowing pumpkin lights are already up around the window and my light up metal pumpkin will soon be placed on my front porch. Tavish, my six year old grandson, has already carved his pumpkin along with his mom and dad. Oops, no he didn’t carve up his mom and dad but they all carved pumpkins together. I’m sharing the pictures with you. The spiky one was created by Tavish and he says it’s the scariest. I’m a little scared of the one with the pipe myself (Ellen’s work). 3 Amigos Tavish has been getting little frightening surprises from me in the mail for a few weeks. He has two scary tarantulas coming in his mail very soon. Beware! I could go on.

The pump-house is almost done. Ron has been working in all of his spare time on it. We are canceling our Holiday Sale that we usually have at our daughter’s house in Portland. The combination of the economy and the pump-house have convinced us to skip a year. You will be getting a holiday card from us, however, so look for it in your mail or your e-mail.

There are still a few spots left for Mexico so sign up now!

The Dark Side Show opens in December at the Attic Gallery in Portland.

Don’t forget that I have a watercolor workshop on Saturday and Sunday at The Dalles Art Center. We are making the most excellent Christmas cards we can come up with! Call the Art Center to sign up.

Two movies I recommend this week…The Strange Case of Benjamin Button starring Brad Pitt (I cried) and The Bad Seed a 1950’s black and white movie introducing Patty McCormack as…what else (?) the bad seed. (I laughed). Remember “Ya never knows what’s comin’ for ya.” (Although that’s a quote from the Pitt movie it works for both of them.) More soon. Keep creating.

Pretty things at funland

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