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I just finished reading one of the best articles I’ve ever read on healthcare.  It was in the November issue of The Sun and was written by Jamie Passaro.  Jamie Passaro did an in depth interview with Dr. Pamela Wible from Eugene, Oregon.  I’ve been reading so much and hearing so much about “health care reform” that frankly I’ve been feeling angry, powerless and fed up with the whole subject.  I don’t like how health care is run in this country.  I also think that the way health care is run is reflective of our American culture as a whole.  First let me summarize the article in as few words as I can. The amazing Dr. Wible has dropped out of the “system”.  After working as a family physician in six different clinics in ten years, the thirty six year old was ready to quit.  At those various clinics she had been seeing an average of thirty patients a day.  She felt like she wasn’t meeting the needs of her patients. She was overwhelmed and depressed.  She quit.  She “dropped out”.  After taking a rest for her body and soul, she woke up one morning with a creative vision of how she and some brave other caring doctors could change what they provide for healthcare. She had a creative idea!  All artists and creatives know what it feels like when an idea like that seems to come out of nowhere.  It’s at the oddest moments great ideas come to us.

 Dr. Wible could see that assembly line medicine was a dehumanizing experience.  At some clinics it was even encouraged that doctors compete to see who could end up treating the most people in a day.  There was no time to think, know the patients or even remember their names.  Then Dr. Wible did something that I think is really brave.  She gave up trying to make huge amounts of money from being a doctor.  Set up her own practice where she is the doctor, nurse, secretary and contact for insurance companies.  She has hour long visits with her patients and practices preventative medicine with discussions about diet, exercise, and mental health that is tailored to each patient.  As I read further, I realized that how she treats patients is how we should all treat each other.  Dr. Wible actually takes TIME and LISTENS to her patients.  She interacts with them without looking at her watch or glancing up at the clock on the wall.  Don’t get me wrong.  Yes, she’s a real doctor, she prescribes needed medications, surgeries and other doctor things, but she also looks at patients as special individuals who are unique in their own way.  If only all of us could do this at whatever job we have. 

 I was  happy to read this article, because it gave me a great way to let all of you know that I’ve finished my training and am opening up an on-line practice as a creativity and meaning coach.  As most creative people know there are times they will experience depression and doubts about their artistic or life efforts. All of us want to feel contented  and productive in our life and in our chosen way of expression.  Like Dr. Wible, I don’t think creative people or people in general get enough support from others who have had experience in finding meaning in their own life.   As a creativity and meaning coach I would like to help people who feel depressed, sad or just feel like they’re missing something important in their lives to feel happier and more productive.  I want to help people find their passions and experience what it is to live life  in a creative and positive way.  I’d like to get creatives to feel excited about their individual talents and give them direction to fit those passions into their busy lives.  I want to teach people how to juice up their creative selves, get out of blocked restricted thinking and move on.  I hope to LISTEN to them and guide them to self repair and find true meaning in their lives. 

In addition to having a Master’s Degree in Psychology and working in the arts myself, I have trained with Dr. Eric Maisel in this area. During training I attended to three clients, one writer and two painters. I enjoyed every minute of it.  As we together set up small steps towards learning more rewarding ways to work I learned as much as I taught.   In December I’ll be adding a Creativity and Meaning Coaching category to my website.  I hope you will all pass this information on to your friends or to someone you know who needs this type of coaching and support.  I find joy in what I do whether it is writing, painting, teaching or coaching.  I’d like to share this joy with anyone who needs it.  I’d love to help people see their own potential and know that they have individual gifts to share with the world.  Like Dr. Wible I’ll keep my practice small and give my best to anyone who needs it.  For more information contact me by E-mail at  Watch for the new creativity coaching section on my site.


“The artist begins with a vision—a creative operation requiring an effort.  Creativity takes courage.”

—-Henri Matisse


I taught an excellent class last weekend.  Our class at The Dalles Art Center made some of the most beautiful and creative holiday cards I’ve ever seen.  Hopefully they will get photos to me of some of their cards so I can post them.  There will be no class in December because of all of the craziness that goes on during the holiday season. 

 Blackcurrent Cordial by Jerry Fenter

 To be a part of that craziness, come to the opening of the “Dark Side” show at the Attic Gallery in Portland on December third.  The show opens on First Thursday and costumes are encouraged. Sandy Visse and I will both be there to entertain you.

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  1. Mary Hortman

    I really enjoyed this post. I agree with you about our health care being reflective of how we treat each other. So true…keep up the good work with your creativity classes (I wish I could sit in on one.).


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