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She Had Her Whole Life In Front of Her

I’ve completed my training from Dr. Eric Maisel and am ready to start my practice in creativity and meaning coaching. Besides working at my own art I have always enjoyed working with and inspiring other artists, writers, musicians and creative people. I have had many years of experience in teaching and counseling people who need an advocate to help them learn to do what they love. I am lucky to have found the perfect combination of education, art world experience and personal passion to be this type of coach. I’m very excited to be able to actually start up a small practice that can guide people to their desired path and purpose. I plan to keep my practice very small so that I can give a lot of attention to each client.  My creativity and meaning coaching will help creatives find a path to an ideal state where they are doing what they love and are passionate about. I hope to provide personal support that is tailored to creatives who are looking for support and direction not found in art schools, counseling offices or career centers. I hope to support and direct anyone who feels blocked by unseen barriers, are afraid to take the scary step towards nurturing their creativity, and need help to get started on a course to that ideal state of being able to do what they love. I want to be the mentor beside you while you learn to fearlessly create. I’ll give you psychological support, emotional support, existential support and practical solutions to the inner and outer obstacles that make it difficult to reach your desired life path. I’ll assist you to make your own life changing choices and to make your life a story one that is really going somewhere. I have had many successes in doing this. I’d like to add a few statements from a previous client that has worked with me.

 “Dear Fellow Creatives, Sometimes life hands you a gift and everything changes. As an artist, I was stuck. Frustrated. Ready to give it all up and become a waitress. I made a deal with myself that I would give it one more try. But this time I decided to ask for help from a creativity coach. When Jerry Fenter arrived on my email doorstep, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect. Mostly because I was ready to give up, not at all sure that I have any talent, wondering what project I should be working on, struggling to silence the voices of criticism that came from outside and within. I wasn’t sure anyone could help me. Right from the start, I felt a sense of relief and comfort with this new colleague. Hope returned. Maybe, if I told her everything, if I listened carefully, if I at least tried her suggestions, maybe I could be great. I put my trust in Jerry, and her combination of wisdom, humor, and kindness led me back to something that I love. With her respect and understanding, we began our work together. She helped me to set goals that were personal, realistic, and achievable. She paid very close attention to each concern I voiced and always had a response that was helpful. She offered me inspiration from her life and the lives of other creatives. She helped me to see the strengths that I already have and to build on them. Together we worked on clearing some space to work, honoring the process, handling the critics, staying focused, dealing with doubts and fears, celebrating achievements – all the small and large challenges that come with a desire to live a successful creative life. Because of my time with Jerry, I have a deeper connection with my creative pursuits. I feel more committed, more motivated, clearer and stronger. I continue to face challenges but I better understand their place and how to take them on. I feel honored to be working as an artist and grateful that I took a chance on working with a woman who became a partner in my pursuits. Partnering with Jerry Fenter would be of benefit to any creative person looking to find and stay on the path to meaning in life. What a gift to yourself.” Virginia Maxfield

I thank Virginia for the wonderful recommendation. Between now and January I’ll be signing up clients. If you are interested, contact me at  attn: Jerry Fenter.  Here’s how it works:

• Send me an e-mail telling me of your interest and your specific situation.

• I’ll e-mail back if I can be of help or direct you to somewhere or someone that will assist you.

• Together we’ll set up a coach/client relationship by using e-mail for up to three times per week. I’ll listen, try to understand, show support, be real and give you the best help I can.

• I’ll encourage you to dream big, think hard, feel deeply and be great.

• This may mean some changes and sacrifices on your part so you have to be brave.

I am charging $150 per month for each client. I need each client to pay two months in advance. As we continue to work we may be able to add phone calls or face-to-face meetings. This is for everyone who feels a need! Clients are visual artists, musicians, sculptures, singers, problem solvers, designers, florists, writers and those who know they are creative but not sure which path to follow! I’m hoping you’ll want to take a risk and work towards living a vital, productive and authentic life.

Jerry Fenter

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