NPR Brightens My Spirit

After what seems like weeks of sad events, car crashes, colds, slushy snow and cold temperatures I thought that nothing could cheer me up.  Then I got a Google Alert from National Public Radio that changed everything!  When I realized I had been published on their site I did a little NPR dance (kinda like the Snoopy dance from the old Peanuts cartoons) and called my kids with the news! I’ll share here, what they shared with me.  I AM TOTALLY proud of myself!

Google News Alert for: jerry fenter

The Giveaway
by Jerry Fenter For the third round of our contest, we want you to send us original works of fiction inspired by this photograph.



This is what I found and it deserved a wild celebratory NPR dance.  My friend and fellow artist and writer also commented about The Giveaway on her website at  Thanks, Nancy. Don’t forget to look for her new book, Listen.   My beloved daughter, a talented writer herself,  even published my story on her facebook page.  Thanks, Amy.  

I’d love to hear your comments.  Artists and writers need to celebrate once in awhile.  Next post will feature my talented art students from The Dalles Art Center and our wild weekend workshop making monotypes with heat and crayons!  Lots of pictures and new innovations.

4 thoughts on “NPR Brightens My Spirit

  1. Virginia Maxfield

    Hi, Jerry, and congratulations! Your story is engaging right from the start and the characters have such personality – amazing that you were able to give the reader so much information in so few words. I agree that you could write a book for all of us that we wouldn’t want to put down. More! More!

  2. Mary Dickson

    Jerry–You GO girl! I loved it! And I only knew of your artistic talents–you have more talent than most people I know! I am passing this on to my Book Club.

    Way to go!


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