Night Thoughts

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  I lay awake thinking the crazy and random thoughts of night.  I tried to stop them.  I needed some rest.  No luck.

Late night news had shown images of Kyron Horman’s Wall of Hope.  Visions of wrinkling Mylar balloons tied in bunches and slowly losing air, hand written notes with hearts and kisses,  wild flowers, hand picked, now wilting,  smiling stuffed animals and candles lit my darkness.   I thought about Kyron’s Wall of Hope

Hope.  The word is defined as trust, reliance, desire accompanied by expectation of fulfillment.  Hope is a promise for the future.

Emily Dickenson, the poet and mystic said, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words and never stops at all.”

For those of you who haven’t heard of Kyron, he is a seven year old boy from Portland who disappeared from his school about four weeks ago.  Of course all who heard the news are saddened, shocked and at the same time totally and desperately hopefulThe Oregonian runs daily local stories as do local television stations.  Billboards spring up overnight. Posters begging PLEASE FIND HIM placed above his smiling picture are seen in every store, rest-stop and phone pole in the state of Oregon.  Kyron’s disappearance touches a nerve with all of us.  Here is something we can hope for.  Kyron will be found and he will come home and he will live happily ever after.

 Soon the story takes on a life of its own.  Kyron’s story is now on Larry King Live, CNN, MSNBC and hourly updates appear on The story goes viral. Videos are played, interviews are seen, parents and step-parents are questioned.  All of us are putting our hopes on Kyron. 

Our entire country comes together for something they all can agree on.  Kyron and his Wall of Hope… now here’s a chance for a happy ending.

For months and years we have all heard bad news each day.  The oil spill, the floundering economy, the Catholic Church scandal, hard times, environmental disaster, even the coming of “The End of Life as We Know It”.  We watch Whale Wars on cable, think that most everything we eat may make us sicker than we are and are unhappy that we aren’t the perfect size or weight. We cry alot.  We feel for the people of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.  Writers share stories of Katrina like Treme on HBO.  We feel pain for the poor and the sick.  Many of us are trying to care for aging parents.  It’s hard times. We aren’t strong.

We need help.  We focus on a Wall of Hope in a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.   A victory for a small boy may become a victory for all of us.

 No more disappointments, please.

For the latest news on Kyron go to .

I’ll be on vacation for two weeks.  Have a wonderful July 4th.

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