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Did I just imagine it or has Revlon come out with a new line of lipstick called…get ready for it…Just Bitten?  Vampires seem to be everywhere these days, golden shiny ones like Edward from the Twilight series, evil Vampire kings and handsome Nordic Vampires like Eric from the True Blood HBO series and now an avalanche of werewolves and shape shifters running rampant in movies, books, TV and on the internet.  Everyone, I think, including myself seems to be spending the dregs of their summer escaping from the daily stress of life into the unknown realms of fantasy. Ahh, doesn’t it feel good?

Vampires don’t get no respect.  Hey, I don’t get no respect.  I can feel for them.

Vampires are angry and they can bite (it’s encouraged).  Hey I’m angry and I can bite.  Just ask the person I chased off my porch yesterday.  Sometimes it feels great to be angry and just not care what anyone thinks.

Shape-shifters can change into new and anonymous things, persons or animals.  I’d like to become something or someone else whenever I feel like it.  As a shape-shifted mountain goat I could climb mountains with ease.  As a shifted cat I could curl up in the sun and sleep most of the day.  As an innocent couch I could spy on everyone! 

Werewolves are strong, can run fast, have strong teeth and hang out with friends.  What could be better?  They don’t have to work or to answer to anyone. 

Sometimes I think we all need a break from the polite world to just spend a day or two letting out some of those repressed feelings we keep hidden.  I try and do just that when I’m alone but, “oops” sometimes it will accidently spill over into my public persona.  I actually hung up on a telemarketer from Amnesty International today. That’s kind of like beating up a nun.  I donate to AI so now I’m positive that I’m totally losing control.  I crave fantasy.  I want to pretend everything is all right.  I want no more phone calls asking me for money or time. I want to watch movies for ten hours at a stretch.  I want to disappear.  I don’t want to face reality.  It’s the end of summer.  I want a long break and some exciting and outrageous fantasy.  I want to play dress up and make mud pies like I did when I was small.  I want to pick and eat so many berries that my whole face is blood red with juice.  Just like a vampire.

(crayon print class canceled…no sign ups)

3 thoughts on “Blog With Sharp Teeth

  1. Sue Martin

    Don’t forget to return (from your fantasy adventures). I think you’re a very exciting, fun person just the way you are! Maybe I need some vampire lipstick for my show Friday night…

  2. Patty B.

    Sounds as if you need to watch some Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. They are really quite wonderful. The first year or two they had an X File feel to them – strange goings on and such. Later episodes dealt with issues like belonging and isolation, loss, love, lust, duty, loyalty, responsibility,leadership: pretty much everything worth thinking about(especially if it starts with an L).

    Each episode has some combination of vampires, werewolves, witches and demons with a dose of wit to leaven it all. And Buffy kicks butt in every episode too. (Her tombstone says: She saved the world a lot.)

    You can get them through Netflix, and it is a good thing you can’t stream at your place – you might end up watching it for 10 hours a day! (Although 3 was generally my limit.)


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