Show Business

No money?

End of an affair?

Tired of housework?

Want a new job?

Wait a minute.

Let’s turn that frown upside down.

Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland knew the answer all along.

“Let’s have a show!”


I’ve been watching “Words and Music” the story of Rogers and Hart on Turner Classic Movies.  Could you guess?  I love this stuff.  Mickey Rooney, Judy Garland and all of the famous actors I know so well and admire so much always “put on a show”! A show will solve any problem that comes your way.  With a show you can make extra money, you can find love, and hope is always in the air.

I grew up loving  movies.  I can’t get enough of them.  The Hollywood, The Roseway and the Parkrose Theaters were where I felt at home.  Now I’m hooked on TV. Big screen, little screen, DVD, Netflix…I make sure a movie is available any time day or night.

I know that Mickey and Judy are right.   A show can make you happy.  A show can make you money.  A show can entertain you.  A show simply makes the world a better place.

 When I was in grade school my best friend forever, Kathryn, and I would always “put on a show”.  It was never our parent’s idea, it was always our idea and the first thing we’d think of doing when we were bored. 

First…I’d write the script.  I always tended toward overly dramatic science fiction dramas. I loved everything space.  Remember it was the time of the first satellites.  Sputnik was in orbit. Mr. Moon was on TV.

Kathryn would gather props.  She would ransack our living rooms, toy chests and parent’s bed spreads to make a real stage. She’d set up chairs. We would tack spreads to our giant apple tree to make curtains…all fixed to open and close.

We’d practice our lines. 

Then we’d sell tickets to every loose kid in the neighborhood.  We made the majority of our money from my next door neighbors, a large fertile Catholic family with oodles of kids.  Ten cents would get you a show!

“How’s the show going?” my mother would say.

“Sold out!” I’d say with feeling (sounding a bit like Judy Garland).

“Well that’s just fine!” she’d answer and then go about her household duties without giving us another thought.


By the way, my ex-mother-in law went to school at Hollywood High in the forties with Mickey Rooney.  She was about 5’11” tall.  You know how short Mickey was!  He used to chase her around the roller rink hankering for a date. She is a funny lady with great stories to tell. 

So we did our show.

Mickey Rooney was spot on!

We kept ourselves happy.

It only took three people to have a show…two to do the show and one to watch the show.

We found the simple solution.


Events to put on your calendar!  Important dates!  Things to do!  Write them down. 

  1. October 16th and 17th watercolor class at The Dalles Art Center 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Call me for information at 509-365-5119.  We will be working on the figure.
  2. November 6th and 7th. We’re having a SHOW.  Ron and Jerry Fenter’s Holiday sale in Portland.  Lots of art. Good snacks.  More information 509-365-5119.  I will do a post and a mailing. 
  3. November 20th and 21st watercolor class at The Dalles Art Center 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. Focus on painting the figure and the face.  Call for information 509-365-5119.
  4. April 13th-19.  Melaque, Mexico.  Making Magic in Mexico workshop taught by Jerry Fenter.  More to come.  Call or e-mail for questions. 

   My classes at The Dalles Art Center will be held on the third weekend every month through spring.  Please save this time on your calendars!!


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