Cabin fever, Johnny Depp and Creative Printmaking


It’s January and finally the snow here in Timber Valley is taking a short break.  Cody and I will definitely walk a mile or two this afternoon.  Hopefully the ice and rain will hold off for a week or more and I can recover from one of the worst cases of cabin fever I’ve ever had.  I have a magnet on my refrigerator that shows Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining”.  You know that scene where he’s breaking into the bathroom with an axe?  That’s how I’m feeling and then multiply it by ten.  I’m surprised I’m not just typing the same sentence over and over like Jack did on the beautiful old typewriter in the movie.  I adore that movie by the way.  It scares me each time I see it.  It’s a classic.

Cabin fever is real.  Anyone who has lived outside of a city, in the woods, no signal for a cell phone, no signal for NPR (even though I donate), no DSL can swear to that.  When it’s winter and cold and you spend your days feeding the fire (no central heating), you tend to do lots of thinking and way too much watching movies and TV.  Some of you will be horrified that I watched The Golden Globes on Sunday night.  Yep, I sat right down with my healthy snacks and Diet Peach Snapple and was again amazed at the glamor, wealth and silliness of Hollywood royalty.  I was breathless when Angelina showed up in her old Hollywood 40’s style glittery dress. It was of course the perfect color on her.


 And I never get tired of watching Johnny Depp sit in any audience even though at the Globes he lost best actor award. He was nominated in two movies for best actor (that’s what probably split his vote and caused the loss).  I preferred “Alice in Wonderland” to the other Depp movie but then again I love anything remotely connected with that book. Alice and the White Rabbit have been part of my reading life for years.  Did you know that there is an edition of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Ralph Steadman?  I gifted it to my son and daughter- in-law at Christmas.

Back to the Golden Globes.  I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious, mean, ironic, funny and just the right amount of sarcastic while hosting the show.  He makes me laugh out loud and knows when to poke fun at the Hollywood crowd who take themselves oh so seriously.  If you ever get a chance rent “Extras” on Netflix or the “old” version of “The Office”.  It’s a real treat.


Even better than the “Globes” was my two day monotype workshop at The Dalles Art Center.  Even though it was small…it was mighty.  We produced more work than I’ve seen in a long time in just two days.  My students were motivated and talented as you can see by these examples of their work. Did I ever mention how much I love teaching?  I think, next to doing art, teaching is the best job in the world.  I just heard from an old student of mine from 26 years ago who reminded me of just how rewarding teaching is.  He’s doing so well.  And I’m very proud of him. He sent me a great picture on Facebook of me from the time I was teaching his class.  It brought back such good memories.


Students…sign up for Mexico.  I will be sending out a list of supplies very soon. The airfare is cheap right now so plan ahead.  Any questions just give me a call. (509-365-5119)

Congratulations to our friend Jeff Draeger for being awarded Rookie of the Year from Klickitat County Search and Rescue. All of us are proud of him and thank him for being so brave.  What would all of us out here in the woods and on the wild rivers do without Search and Rescue?

Also John Maher has an exciting new art installation project in the works.  For an overall look at his idea go to  Look for “Running Ladders” project.

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