South of the Border

We knew it was going to be a great week, when we quickly cleared customs, got ourselves a cab, were taken through banana and coconut fields, down dusty colorful streets, past watermelon stands, and palm trees to end up at beautiful La Paloma Resort.

     “South of the border, down Mexico way.  That’s where I fell in love where all the stars above come out to play.”

 When we walked in the doors of the gated gardens, saw the pool, the blue ocean, the hibiscus and lantana plants I felt as if I were returning to my second home. My students and I all could feel the magic of Mexico at that very moment.

  “Well come on let’s go and head off to Mexico. And build our dreams on siestas of the day.  I’ll take my guitar who knows it might get us far and we’ll call each other by our fake names.  You don’t know how lucky we are but it’s you and me in Mexico.”

 We had a wonderful class. We concentrated on the colors of Mexico and watercolor techniques during the day, in the evening we focused on the food, drink, fresh open air on the beach at Bigotes, the crowds at the town square in Melaque preparing for Samana Santa (Easter Week), the helado shop (ice cream) and the kindness of all the people we met.

“Oh Mexico.  It sounds so simple I just got to go. The sun’s so hot I forgot to go home. Oh Mexico. It sounds so sweet with the sun sinking low.”


 Excellent dinners were eaten, fish were caught and fried (thanks to John and the great chef at Bigotes).  Shopping was at its best on the long main street in the tiny tourist stores. We bought food for our kitchens at a great grocery called Hawaii. Patti, Marti and Teri made delicious salsa and guacamole often. We were treated to some both wonderful and awful music coming from the streets and the little bar next to La Paloma. Barking dogs, music, the sound of surfing, laughter, crying…it’s all Mexico.

 The surf was very strong at this time of the month. We even got to see the biggest moon of the year while we sat on the beach and watched it come up over the town of Barra.

 Favorite places were found.

 Altars for Mexico were made.

Friends were everywhere .

 A carnival hid itself near the square.

 I taught and painted and played.

  I couldn’t have had better students or better hosts.

What more could one ask for?

 Thanks to everyone.

 I feel like I’ll be on Mexican time until I return next year. The dates are set. March 31st (Saturday) to April 7th (the next Saturday) in 2012! Time to pack your suitcases!



Thanks to Laura Marling, James Taylor, and Jerrod Nieman for their songs.

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