Show Opening…”Iconography and Beyond”

I’m excited to announce the opening of my newest show at The Dalles Art Center.  It’s title is “Iconography and Beyond” and will run from June 1st until June 30th.  Natalie Hassell, Tory Brokenshire and myself will be showing the results of our interest and love of Icons and things that are sacred in the world and the universe in an exhibition of our art.  

 Natalie paints Icons. Tori makes Santos.  I paint the things that have become iconic to me over the past year.  I get my ideas from my own life and travels. I’ve done so much this year that makes me happy. I’ve been to Yellowstone…an icon in itself and problably the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been. I’ve been to Nebraska where I’ve found what it feels like to have family who include me in their interests and their history. My Cousins are such great and iconic storytellers that they remind me of my favorite uncles I’ve missed for so many years. We even have a poet in the family.  And the iconic Cornhuskers…what else do I need to say.




   I’ve spent time in Mexico…a place I love with a culture all of it’s own.  Meeting and talking with people from  Jalisco has changed me in so many ways.  In my work you’ll see sacred hearts and mangos, Yellowstone Park and it’s beauty and an image diary of my own soul. I’ve really grown as an artist this year in so many ways.  I seem to have opened my eyes to  many possibilities that I would have ignored earlier in my career.  I’ve started following paths that prior to now I would have been afraid to follow for fear of people thinking I was silly, sentimental or simply crazy in what I want to do and what I want to paint and write.  I’ve found anything is possible.  I’ve always said that but never really knew it was true until now.  My work is creative and unique and I’m proud of it. Somehow I’ve finally found ways to get all of the creative noise out of my head and on to paper and  canvas.  I do lots of commissions, of people’s families, dogs, horses and distant memories.  How lucky am I to be taken into  their lives and trusted with their ideas, images and thoughts?  I work as a creative counselor and as a teacher and get as much excitement out of successes my talented clients and students achieve as they do.  Who else is lucky enough to spend two full days surrounded by enthusiasm, paint, color, flowers laughter and great food and at the same time can provide encouragement to new experimenting artists? (Picture me teaching the class “Eat, Drink and Paint!”)

Join me at the Opening Reception of the show “Iconography and Beyond” at The Dalles Art Center on Thursday, June 2nd from 5-7pm.  Meet the artists, eat, drink and get inspired.  The center is located at 220 E 4th St. The Dalles, Oregon.  The phone number is 541 296-4759.  For information about the pieces just e-mail me at or call me at 509-365-5119.  If you can’t make the opening the show will be up all month. 

Go and see the installation of Running Fruit Ladders as soon and you can.  For information go to   and click “Running Fruit Ladders”. If you’d like to donate to the project (which I know you will) call John Maher at 541-478-0171.

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