Maybe It’s the Moon

Life in the Woods


I love animals. I live in the woods. I see all sorts of animals every single day. I live with squirrels, bats, deer, bear, cougar, bunnies, chipmunks…you get the idea. For the past year and a half I’ve had a deer stalking me. I know, call me crazy, but whenever I go outside in the field, in the woods, even into the barn this deer will jump out at me and startle me at least once or twice a day. The deer is a doe. Does are sweet. I know better than to feed wild animals. I don’t feed her. I don’t try to call her. Pretty much I just ignore her. I’ve still found it strange that she is always alone, never with other deer, no bucks around her and I’ve never seen her with babies. Still she stays here always inside of our fence. If I think she’s gone I only need to look very carefully and she’ll be sleeping in the tall grass or behind a stump.

Friend or Foe?


Black tailed deer are quiet. We see herds of them every day. Sometimes I can count over 25 when I drive up the hill from Highway 14. Usually their heads are down grazing, eating shrubs, trees, and any unfenced plants that may be blooming. I have seen the young ones play tag with their mothers…something I consider a real treat that not everyone gets to see. I have no fear of them…only a healthy respect.

He Wouldn't Hurt a Fly


I also have a dog. He’s a nice boy, Siberian Husky, seldom barks and leaves cats alone. I have seen him catch and eat mice before and unlucky chipmunks that wander into his fenced area. I’ve seen him catch a prairie dog or two while visiting in Colorado but all in all he’s a gentle smiling dog. Because he is a husky, a breed of dog we’ve raised for many years, we know better than to let him run loose. A husky’s natural territory is like a wolf’s…very big. They also aren’t aware of cars, log trucks or traffic. They are meant to work and to walk and run. Cody has a fenced yard and a secure covered run. We walk him on leash. Always. Also, huskies are not normally barkers. Cody is usually really quiet. He talks in a personal howl-like language but he doesn’t snarl or bark.


Now cover your children’s eyes and ears because here comes the scary part. Last week Cody and I are ready for a walk. It’s sunny outside and a beautiful day. I leash Cody up. He’s wearing a choke chain on a long flexible lead and he likes to run out the lead and walk ahead of me. So we’re off. We walk down our long pathway towards the entrance gate of the property. Cody is sniffing everything and checking his pee-mail. I’m checking for new wild flowers and walking behind him. Out of the woods comes my “tame” deer. Not walking but running towards Cody. Cody doesn’t know what to do but as watches her the deer jumps wildly at him, misses him with her front hooves but kicks him hard with her back hooves. He’s down. I pull him to me and check his sides for injuries at the same time swinging a stick at her and throwing a rock in her direction as she slowly moves off. I miss her by a mile but it just seems to anger her more and she swings around and runs back straight at me. Holding Cody with one hand I yell like crazy, stomp the ground and swing the stick. She stops but doesn’t move. What’s going through my mind? Could she be rabid? There’s no foam on her mouth. This is way too much like a Steven King story. I’m sure the blood drained from my face, Cody is nervous and afraid and I decide to run out to the road to try and get away from her. Finally through the gate we walk down a ways, look back, and see her looking out from our driveway and right at us. She had saucer like eyes…glazed over. So we walk. We hope she’s gone when we get back. A neighbor stops to see if I’m all right…I must have looked terrified. An hour later we approach the gate again this time from the other direction. We move quietly but as we round the corner towards our gate there she is again in the middle of the driveway and not moving. It’s a standoff.

Now I’m mad. I swing the stick wildly and she moves over about fifteen feet to my left into the trees. We walk towards the cabin with my eye on her all the time. She seems to sneak from tree to tree like in the old cartoons! She’s stalking us and moves as we do up towards the house. Cody and I can’t get in the door fast enough. Safe at last the first thing I do is google “When Deer Attack”. I find articles about lots of bucks attacking people and dogs but not so many does. I’m including a couple of sites for you to look at.

It’s a few days later and she’s still out there…hiding…stalking…I now take my stick everywhere and hope that whatever’s gotten into her goes away. Maybe she has a fawn hidden somewhere but I haven’t seen it. She seems to have no deer friends and now I know why. If this keeps up I’ll have to call someone, but I just figure give her a few more days and see if this passes. All women and does have mood swings you know. Maybe it’s the moon.

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