Deer Wars, Star Wars and the Trout Lake Festival of the Arts


Watching for dangerous doe


We thought the deer problem was a thing of the past. A doe with a new fawn have been spotted often for the last week near the front garden. Deer attacks seemed to have stopped. We thought that the recent reign of terror was over. A doe protecting her tiny fawn from harm makes perfect sense. Not totally sure if the doe was the same as the fighting doe we still are cautious and carry sticks down the driveway (one a large cane with a dog’s head carved on the end…a gift). BUT then the game changed. At dusk last night I was on the back porch doing re-cycling. I looked up and two huge saucer eyes were peering at me from the opening of the barn door. It was Deer vs. Human. We stood still eye to eye. After the stare down, I spent about an hour following her around our property to see if a baby was nearby. I could not find a fawn. So…the mystery and the month long reign of the vicious attack deer still hangs over Timber Valley. She could have hidden the fawn. They could be two different deer, one with a baby. The answer is unknown.

After a long wait

The garden is finally showing some color. Spring and summer were so late this year. I always forget how it looks like at the cabin when there is no snow. Only certain things will grow at this elevation and sometimes they are dwarfed in size. But columbine is everywhere, the forget-me-nots are disappearing and being replaced by sweet Williams, sedum, day lilies, poppies and amazing ferns and succulents.

Berry watching over my garden

 I have a new tiny Jerry’s garden that is growing sunflowers, Johnny jump ups and other unknown plants outside my studio window. I just bought a weird succulent that looks like it’s making knots out of itself as it grows. Maybe it’s from another planet.


The green planet Earth

 Speaking of planets, I saw Saturn through the big telescope at the Observatory in Goldendale. What a night. Everything was going fine until Steve, the on-site astronomer was ready to do the last few looks through the big telescope. In the telescope dome it’s pretty dark anyway, but for emphasis he even turned down the red “astronomer’s” lights and it seemed very dark to me indeed. By this time, Ron and Tavish (my grandson) had gone to the car to rest…it was very late. But I would not give up. There was a short line to a ladder that each person had to go up to see into the lens of the big reflector telescope. I felt like a blind person. I could feel the line move but have no night vision. So when it was my turn, I banged into Susan, the astronomer’s assistant, got a little mad because I didn’t know it was her, climbed up the stairs and looked into a lens. Couldn’t see the star cluster anywhere. Then I heard “Mam, you’re looking into the wrong lens.” I squinted and embarrassed turned to the right and with my left hand put my hand on something. “Mam, don’t touch the lens.” I pretended to take a quick look, felt my way down the stairs and tried to find a way out. Remember, no signs or light! I ran into the wall a couple of times, made a huge sound when I finally found a door and walked out into the amphitheater area! Lost! Wrong door! I felt my way all around the building until I saw the car in a distant parking lot. Me…star lover and pretend expert on the stars…blind as a bat. My face was burning when I got into the car. Ron and Tavish laughed all the way home at my story.



 Please come out to the gorge and see me. I’ll be selling my art at the Trout Lake Festival of the Arts at the base of Mt. Adams on July 16th and 17th. This show is one of my favorites. Good art. Good food and music. The setting is magnificent. For information call 509-395-2488 or go to

 I just finished watching “The Jewel in the Crown” from Netflix. Wow. Anyone who loves reading about the history of the English in India will not be able to stop watching it. The story can also be read in The Raj Quartet by Paul Strand. Even though I’ve seen the series before it still is exciting, shocking and really relates to modern political situations. It’s also an unforgettable story.


"The Garden is a Mirror of the Heart" watercolor by Jerry Fenter

 “Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.” –Paul Klee


 “Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.” –Salvador Dali

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