Toto, We’re Not in Oregon Any More


 (There is No Place Like Nebraska)

There is no place like Nebraska

 Dear old Nebraska U.

Where the girls are the fairest,

The boys are the squarest,

 Of any old school that I knew.

There is no place like Nebraska,

Where they’re all true blue.

We’ll all stick together,

In all kinds of weather,

For Dear old Nebraska U!

 Here it is. The Nebraska Fight Song. You can hear it on line! You can get it as a ringtone! Just grab your Corn Hat and your Official Husker’s wear and you are set for a good time! I promise.

Cousin Jerry in a Cornhead Hat

I just got back from (according to Money Magazine) the 84th Best Place To Live In America. Amy and I spent almost a week in Columbus, Nebraska. I know what you’re saying. “Why Nebraska? It’s so hot and humid there. Just a lot of corn fields and conservatives.” Yes it can be hot and humid… but it’s Heaven in late September. Warm days, cool nights, football and family…I’ve finally found my roots. I’m totally thankful for this.

We started our trip at the Portland Airport. Our goal was to get on the plane, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Well, we tried.

We did some serious gift shopping for the relatives in the tiny Airport stores, got to talking and laughing, bought a U of O monkey doll (a scary present for Husker fans) and some Huckleberry Jam.

We headed for our gate. I wanted to play on the moving sidewalk… so we fooled around on that for a while. We road to the end of it, checked out a few more shops then as an afterthought looked at the time. I checked my ticket. We were OK. The flight didn’t load until about 7:45. We walked to the gate and the room was empty except for one crabby lady in a wheelchair. We thought we were early! “The plane is gone,” the wheelchair lady said flatly.  I ran to the window. Our flight was still there but locked and loaded. I knocked on the window trying to get the attention of one of the luggage attendants on the ground. No luck…they all wear earphones. I could see our plane, it was still sitting there. I went for the gate door (closed), ignored the security signs (Do not touch this door or you will face horrible Federal penalties) and did what anyone would do. I banged HARD on the door. Panicked flight attendants, who must have just exited the plane, opened up and gave me suspicious looks. “What the hell are you doing?” one shouted. I begged for them to let us get on the plane. No chance… It was full. The plane DEPARTED at 7:45 am. I had mistakenly read that he plane was BOARDING at 7:45 am. Thus began our long tedious story of being on standby, our luggage already in Nebraska, too many expensive cab rides, a trip back to Amy’s for the night, outrageous change of flight penalties (Thanks American Airlines for being so hard to deal with) and a thousand calls to my Cousin’s cell phone in Nebraska. Amazingly ALL of us stayed calm.


We arrived the next day at the Omaha airport. My cousin met us with special Nebraska Gift Bags. Each bag included a cool Nebraska lei made out of corn-cobs, beads, and beer caps, a Husker hat, Big Red Gum, Husker’s Beer Cozies and watches from Wal-Mart (my Cousin Jerry’s idea of a joke because of our lost sense of time). A great dinner at Glur’s Tavern (Home of Columbus’ Best Burger) and (National Historic Site Circa 1876) finished off the day.

Amy looks out on Nebraska fields

A short ride through the cornfields and we were safe and home at my cousin Jerry’s in Bellwood (A small town outside of Columbus) by bedtime. We needed sleep so we could start out early the next morning on the JUNK JAUNT. Shop ‘til you drop, 300 miles of treasures. What a concept! Amy and I were stoked! We love to pick and it runs in the family. For more about the Junk Jaunt go to

 (To be continued)


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