Artist Statement

I use painting as a writer would use a diary.where-you-are

I paint to record the experiences (often humorous), people, animals and events that give meaning to my life. With the paint, I try to get at feelings and emotions that are just below the surface of a person or to capture the essence of an animal or a passionate idea. I sometimes use humor in my paintings. I’ve heard it said, “Humor is truth, only faster. I feel that humor in my art helps me to make controversial statements that would be difficult for me to make in any other way. I paint with watercolor and acrylic on canvas. I also often add a little collage. I like lots of color. I’m influenced by the Northwestern and Southwestern United States and the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Artist Statement

  1. carol merchasin

    Jerry: I am an author (and part-time resident of Punta Perula just up the road from Melaque). I am publishing a book of essays on Mexico and I am totally taken with the sensibility of the work that I have seen of yours. Could I see more and if there is something that is appropriate is there a possibility that you would license/and allow me to use an image of your work?


    Carol Merchasin

  2. Alice Thomas

    Hi Jerry-

    I have a 10×8 color copy of the “let’s misbehave” that my Mother -N-Law got me andI love! I have 4 sisters and wondered how much you would charge for each?

    Please let me know.


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