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I’m Back

I’m finally back to writing posts. I’ve taken a break from writing but want to get in the habit again. Most of my posts will be about my art, galleries and other activities. But today I’m just writing about an incident that happened yesterday. I have an eye doctor at Cascade Eye Center in The Dalles, Oregon. In September he did an eye exam and wrote a prescription for new glasses. I could not afford to get them at Cascade and was assured by both the doctor and the opticians at the center that I could take the prescription anywhere and have it filled. I did. When my glasses were done I couldn’t see very well. The prescription was correct (I checked it as did the new optician). NOWHERE on the Cascade prescription was it mentioned that I needed progressive lenses or tri-focals. I called Cascade and they refused to admit that the prescription was written in a way that I could “only” buy my glasses at Cascade. They blamed me. The office manager was so rude she hung up on me. The doctor was supposed to give me a call and he didn’t. Now I’m left with a useless pair of glasses. What to do? I’m writing this to warn anyone buying glasses in the Columbia River Gorge to be sure and not go to Cascade Eye Center…My friends warned me and I didn’t listen. Hopefully I’ll figure out something. Wish me luck. Costco, where I took the doctor’s prescription, has kindly offered to do an exam and fix the problem. Hooray for Costco! Five stars. Believe what I’m saying about Cascade Eye Center. Don’t buy your glasses or contacts from them.

I’ll be back with more positive news soon! Hope your summers are all going well.

Jerry Fenter Show Opening on Thursday, December 1st

Come and experience "Agonizing Love" at the Attic Gallery with me.


On Thursday, December 1st, I have a show opening at the Attic Gallery in downtown Portland. Earl Hamilton, Sandy Visse and I will be showing our work together.

EARL HAMILTON…Earl who is a great admirer of Marc Chagall’s paintings has a unique whimsical style all his own.  His playful images painted in acrylic with texture and collage take the viewer into a world of fantasy.

JERRY FENTER…This year Jerry set the theme for our holiday show: “Agonizing Love”.  Her tantalizing paintings are humorous with collage bits, capricious sayings and bizarre narratives.

SANDY VISSE…Sandy’s unique ceramic sculptures are playful  and fanciful artistic creations that follow the theme of “Agonizing Love”.

 Opening reception to meet the artists on FIRST THURSDAY December 1st, 6-9 PM.

Attic Gallery..206 SW First Avenue

Portland, Oregon 97204


Gallery Hours 10-5:30 Monday-Saturday


This should be a fantastic opening and I’m hoping lots of people will come and see my paintings and also enjoy the work of Sandy and Earl.  Flowers for ME are always my favorite!  I’d love to see all  of you.  It’s common knowledge that we all have had some kind of agonizing experience with LOVE.  I know it!

SEE YOU THERE!   I was actually inspired both by the old Romance Comics of the 50’s and 60’s and by my high school crushes and long lost loves. Anyone from Parkrose High School class of 65 is required to come!

Deer Wars, Star Wars and the Trout Lake Festival of the Arts


Watching for dangerous doe


We thought the deer problem was a thing of the past. A doe with a new fawn have been spotted often for the last week near the front garden. Deer attacks seemed to have stopped. We thought that the recent reign of terror was over. A doe protecting her tiny fawn from harm makes perfect sense. Not totally sure if the doe was the same as the fighting doe we still are cautious and carry sticks down the driveway (one a large cane with a dog’s head carved on the end…a gift). BUT then the game changed. At dusk last night I was on the back porch doing re-cycling. I looked up and two huge saucer eyes were peering at me from the opening of the barn door. It was Deer vs. Human. We stood still eye to eye. After the stare down, I spent about an hour following her around our property to see if a baby was nearby. I could not find a fawn. So…the mystery and the month long reign of the vicious attack deer still hangs over Timber Valley. She could have hidden the fawn. They could be two different deer, one with a baby. The answer is unknown.

After a long wait

The garden is finally showing some color. Spring and summer were so late this year. I always forget how it looks like at the cabin when there is no snow. Only certain things will grow at this elevation and sometimes they are dwarfed in size. But columbine is everywhere, the forget-me-nots are disappearing and being replaced by sweet Williams, sedum, day lilies, poppies and amazing ferns and succulents.

Berry watching over my garden

 I have a new tiny Jerry’s garden that is growing sunflowers, Johnny jump ups and other unknown plants outside my studio window. I just bought a weird succulent that looks like it’s making knots out of itself as it grows. Maybe it’s from another planet.


The green planet Earth

 Speaking of planets, I saw Saturn through the big telescope at the Observatory in Goldendale. What a night. Everything was going fine until Steve, the on-site astronomer was ready to do the last few looks through the big telescope. In the telescope dome it’s pretty dark anyway, but for emphasis he even turned down the red “astronomer’s” lights and it seemed very dark to me indeed. By this time, Ron and Tavish (my grandson) had gone to the car to rest…it was very late. But I would not give up. There was a short line to a ladder that each person had to go up to see into the lens of the big reflector telescope. I felt like a blind person. I could feel the line move but have no night vision. So when it was my turn, I banged into Susan, the astronomer’s assistant, got a little mad because I didn’t know it was her, climbed up the stairs and looked into a lens. Couldn’t see the star cluster anywhere. Then I heard “Mam, you’re looking into the wrong lens.” I squinted and embarrassed turned to the right and with my left hand put my hand on something. “Mam, don’t touch the lens.” I pretended to take a quick look, felt my way down the stairs and tried to find a way out. Remember, no signs or light! I ran into the wall a couple of times, made a huge sound when I finally found a door and walked out into the amphitheater area! Lost! Wrong door! I felt my way all around the building until I saw the car in a distant parking lot. Me…star lover and pretend expert on the stars…blind as a bat. My face was burning when I got into the car. Ron and Tavish laughed all the way home at my story.



 Please come out to the gorge and see me. I’ll be selling my art at the Trout Lake Festival of the Arts at the base of Mt. Adams on July 16th and 17th. This show is one of my favorites. Good art. Good food and music. The setting is magnificent. For information call 509-395-2488 or go to

 I just finished watching “The Jewel in the Crown” from Netflix. Wow. Anyone who loves reading about the history of the English in India will not be able to stop watching it. The story can also be read in The Raj Quartet by Paul Strand. Even though I’ve seen the series before it still is exciting, shocking and really relates to modern political situations. It’s also an unforgettable story.


"The Garden is a Mirror of the Heart" watercolor by Jerry Fenter

 “Art does not reproduce what we see. It makes us see.” –Paul Klee


 “Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic.” –Salvador Dali

Show Opening…”Iconography and Beyond”

I’m excited to announce the opening of my newest show at The Dalles Art Center.  It’s title is “Iconography and Beyond” and will run from June 1st until June 30th.  Natalie Hassell, Tory Brokenshire and myself will be showing the results of our interest and love of Icons and things that are sacred in the world and the universe in an exhibition of our art.  

 Natalie paints Icons. Tori makes Santos.  I paint the things that have become iconic to me over the past year.  I get my ideas from my own life and travels. I’ve done so much this year that makes me happy. I’ve been to Yellowstone…an icon in itself and problably the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been. I’ve been to Nebraska where I’ve found what it feels like to have family who include me in their interests and their history. My Cousins are such great and iconic storytellers that they remind me of my favorite uncles I’ve missed for so many years. We even have a poet in the family.  And the iconic Cornhuskers…what else do I need to say.




   I’ve spent time in Mexico…a place I love with a culture all of it’s own.  Meeting and talking with people from  Jalisco has changed me in so many ways.  In my work you’ll see sacred hearts and mangos, Yellowstone Park and it’s beauty and an image diary of my own soul. I’ve really grown as an artist this year in so many ways.  I seem to have opened my eyes to  many possibilities that I would have ignored earlier in my career.  I’ve started following paths that prior to now I would have been afraid to follow for fear of people thinking I was silly, sentimental or simply crazy in what I want to do and what I want to paint and write.  I’ve found anything is possible.  I’ve always said that but never really knew it was true until now.  My work is creative and unique and I’m proud of it. Somehow I’ve finally found ways to get all of the creative noise out of my head and on to paper and  canvas.  I do lots of commissions, of people’s families, dogs, horses and distant memories.  How lucky am I to be taken into  their lives and trusted with their ideas, images and thoughts?  I work as a creative counselor and as a teacher and get as much excitement out of successes my talented clients and students achieve as they do.  Who else is lucky enough to spend two full days surrounded by enthusiasm, paint, color, flowers laughter and great food and at the same time can provide encouragement to new experimenting artists? (Picture me teaching the class “Eat, Drink and Paint!”)

Join me at the Opening Reception of the show “Iconography and Beyond” at The Dalles Art Center on Thursday, June 2nd from 5-7pm.  Meet the artists, eat, drink and get inspired.  The center is located at 220 E 4th St. The Dalles, Oregon.  The phone number is 541 296-4759.  For information about the pieces just e-mail me at or call me at 509-365-5119.  If you can’t make the opening the show will be up all month. 

Go and see the installation of Running Fruit Ladders as soon and you can.  For information go to   and click “Running Fruit Ladders”. If you’d like to donate to the project (which I know you will) call John Maher at 541-478-0171.

Paint to Celebrate Spring

What a great weekend.  The Dalles Art Center was filled with flowers and food.  Talented students and hard work produced some beautiful outcomes.  The class “Eat, Drink and Paint” was a huge success.  We had a small but mighty group.  In fact we all got so deep into painting, eating and drinking we hardly took any breaks at all!

Nancy, Mary and Joyce brought the most beautiful selection of flowers I’ve ever seen and some of the tastiest food.  I took leftover flowers home so now the cabin finally smells and looks like spring.  Because of the cold weather only the tulips and magnolias are blooming.  I was so impressed by the quality of my students work.  They have all grown so much in the last year.  It  shows how much hard work and patience will pay off in the long run.

We talked about everything you can think of and came up with some great ideas for fundraising for the art center.  


The celebration of spring, food and drink will continue next month with a two day workshop at Maryhill Museum.  We’ll be working outdoors near the colorful flower and sculpture gardens on Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th.  We’ll meet at 11:00 am both days at the picnic tables on the north side of the site.  Please bring your watercolor supplies and sketchbooks, food  and drinks to share.  Painting and a picnic!  We’ll paint until 4:00 pm both days. The cost is $40 per day.  Please sign up and pay early at The Dalles Art Center, 220 East 4th Street, The Dalles, OR 97058.  You can also call to sign up at (541)-296-4759.  I hope you all will join us.  Dress in layers for painting outdoors. 

 I’ll be posting soon about my show at the Dalles Art Center titled “Iconography and Beyond”. 

Watercolor Painting from Photographs


Watercolor Painting from Photographs


Jerry Fenter


On Saturday and Sunday February 19th and 20th from 11:00am to 4:00pm I will be giving a class on watercolor painting using subject matter from your own photographs.  All levels of students are invited.  We will work on drawing, composition, original approach, contrast, value, and creating a center of interest.  This is a fun way to spend a winter weekend.

 The class will cost $40.00 per day.  Pay and sign up early at The Dalles Art Center at 541-296-4759.  The art center will have a supply list if you don’t already have one.  Please in addition to your supplies bring a few of your favorite old or new pictures to work from.  Snapshots of figures or animals would be great.  You may get some great presents out of this for your friends and family.  Check out my work on this site or on the Attic Gallery site

I hope lots of you will make the class. This week I’ve been working in my head, conjuring up ideas for new paintings.  I also just finished a commission that was lots of fun to do.  I do a lot of my work by commission.  I’ll be starting another one in the next couple of weeks.  If you’re interested in having me do a commission for you in watercolor or acrylic just let me know.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  I have done most every kind of commission you could imagine and some that I’m pretty sure you couldn’t. Parents, families,and animals (from dogs to raccoons, cats to goldfish).  The piece shown at the top of this post was done for a group of good friends who live in Arizona.  The painting represents the strong friendship among the women and portrays something unique and important about each one.  The group hired me to paint them.  When the painting was done I did giclee prints (enough for all of them) and then they had a contest to see who got the original to hang on her wall.  It was lots of fun and lots of work meeting each woman and photographing them before actually doing the piece.  I’ve also done lots of family portraits, pet portraits, horse portraits and club portraits.  Of course commissions are done in my crazy style and are done with complete cooperation with the person who hires me.  For example…if you want a dog portrait, you could send me a picture of your dog and his/her toys, list favorite things they like to do and in general tell me about them.  I can also take photos myself if am close enough.  I use all of the gathered information and create a portrait.  SO a horse portrait won’t look exactly like the portraits you might see at the Kentucky Derby.  They all have my own style and twist to them.  In other words they don’t look like I took a picture.  I add all of my own little inspirations and thoughts about the subject and then go to town!

The piece above was commissioned by the Trout Lake Art’s Festival a few years ago and was used as their poster.  Never fear.  My mind can come up with lots of ideas and can help you to create great gifts for anyone you might have in mind.  Support the Timber Valley Artist….hire me to do a commission for you or your workplace! 

 I’ve been engrossed in a great book.  The title is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  She wrote the book Seabiscuit .  I have been totally engaged in the story of Lieutenant Louis Zamperini, his early years, his years fighting the Japanese in the Pacific,and his amazing survival of events like being adrift in the ocean after his B-24 was shot down. Sharks are involved and Hillenbrand gives one of the best descriptions of the Japanese POW camps that I have ever read.  I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in WWII.  It’s quite suspenseful and totally true.  If any of you would like to recommend books or movies I’d love to have you leave your choices in comments. 

So stay warm.  I hope all of my friends and family in the midwest are inside by their fireplaces like I am. 



2011 Watercolor and Art Retreat

Making Magic In Mexico

April 13th through April 19th 2011

Melaque, Mexico

Jerry Fenter Instructor

It’s winter here and time to plan for something exciting, fun, relaxing and creative in a truly magical place. Reserve your spot in Jerry’s 2011 workshop in Melaque, Mexico at the beautiful La Paloma Resort! Open to both experienced and inexperienced students of all ages, this year we will focus on magic, Mexico, figure drawing and painting along with some surprise projects guaranteed to jump start your creative brain. We will learn to relax into Mexican time and loosen up our painting styles by soaking up local Mexican culture. Jerry is an experienced teacher and creativity counselor whose goal is to bring out and develop your own style of creative work.

La Paloma is a small boutique hotel/retreat. They offer a pool right at the ocean’s edge, studios with cooking areas and many more amenities. We start class each day in the on-site studio after enjoying a complimentary service of fresh orange juice, all the Columbian coffee or tea you can drink with toast and jam. Studios run $700 per week double occupancy. ($350 per person if you share a room.)

Sound great? The price for Jerry’s workshop is $650 per person for the 5 day workshop. Total cost? $1000 for the 5 day workshop and two free play days in Mexico!!  Airfare is not included but we are staying Wednesday to Wednesday for savings. For more details or questions call Jerry at 509-365-5119 or e-mail at  To see the beautiful La Paloma Resort go to You’re invited to Mexico for a great time!!!!

To save your place, fill out and send this form and a check for $50 made out to Jerry Fenter ASAP. This check is non-refundable but will go to the price of the workshop. To make reservations at La Paloma, e-mail Questions? Call Jerry. The address is 26 Frontier Rd., Appleton, WA 98602. DON’T MISS OUT!!!

Phone____________________ e-mail____________________



We missed having a sale last year so there is lots of art for our sale this year.  We look forward to seeing all of you that can make it.  We have a variety of gift items and all types of inventory  including our newest cutting edge artwork! 

WHAT? Ron and Jerry Fenter’s Holiday Sale!

WHERE? 210 NE Fargo, Portland, Oregon, 97212 (Located one block west of MLK Blvd.  Look for a Popeye’s Chicken for the turn.)

WHEN? Saturday and Sunday, November 6th and 7th, 10:00am to 4:00pm.

PHONE? 503-282-4520 or 509-365-5119


We’ll have acrylics, watercolors, collages, prints, sculpture, prints, pottery and MORE!

We will also have sweets and treats.


Students:  Don’t forget figure painting (see previous blog) on October 16th and 17th at The Dalles Art Center.  For info write

Figure Watercolor and Drawing Workshop

    What?  Figure Watercolor and Drawing Workshop

    When?  October 16th and 17th

I’m having my favorite kind of workshop at The Dalles Art Center on October 16th and 17th (Saturday and Sunday) from 11:00am to 4:00pm both days. Be there to learn to do what you’ve always wanted to do.  I’ll be there to teach no matter how many students sign up.  Sign up by calling The Dalles Art Center at 541-296-4759!  Do it early!  The cost is $40.00 per day.  You will learn to draw and paint the figure realistically and in a cartoonish way if you decide to attend.  You may bring food and drink if you want.  Why not have a party while we work! 

Happy October everyone!  It’s my birthday month and Halloween!