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I was born in the Pacific Northwest and have lived in the area all of my life.  I’ve painted, drawn and written since I was really small and have continued to consider myself creative for all of these years.  I have a degree in Psychology and in Education and have enough classroom hours for a degree in Fine Arts.  I like making people laugh and that can be seen in an overview of my work.  I’m married and have two children and a grandson who is six years old.  All of the people that surround me influence my work.  I’m happiest when I’m painting or drawing.  I get lost in my writing. I try and paint clear pictures with words when I write.  My entire life is reflected in my work.  I feel really lucky to be able to do what I love.  I also teach workshops and keep learning from my students.  Traveling is a passion and a fantasy.  I hope to go to as many different places as I can.  I live deep in the woods at the base of Mt. Adams with my husband, Ron, who is a sculptor and my husky dog, Cody.  Three kitties also hang out in our cabin and play on our four wooded acres.

Jerry Fenter
26 Frontier Road
Appleton, Washington 98602
(509) 365-5119


BA, MST, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon.  Post graduate studies in fine arts and ceramics at Portland Community College, Portland State University, Oregon Art Institute and Pacific Northwest College of Art.


Painter since 1978.

Instructor of painting, drawing and design since 1978.

Creative Coach and member of the Creativity Coaching Association since 2010.


Oregon Health Sciences University, Percent for Art, Portland, Oregon, 1995.

Stahancyk, Gazzola, Gearing, and Rackner, P.C., Portland, Oregon, 1995.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blackhurst, Portland, Oregon, 1995.

Louise Anderson Dana, Portland, Oregon, 1996.

Rose Festival Association, Official Rose Festival Poster, Portland, Oregon, 1996.

Clackamas County Court Appointed Special Advocates, 1996.

Rose Festival Association, Official Rose Festival Poster, Portland, Oregon, 1997.

Medford Chamber of Commerce, Medford, Oregon, 1998

Pete and Jan Boule, Portland, Oregon, 1999

Larry Bollinger, West Linn, Oregon, 2000.

Maggie Thompson, San Francisco, California, 2000.

Marty and Nancy Sevier, Portland, Oregon, 2000.

Marie Kowalic, Atlanta, Georgia, 2001.

Cecelia and Dan Carmichael, Mason, Ohio, 2002.

Audrey Magee, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2002.

Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oregon, Portland, Oregon, 2002.

Peter Slocum, Carefree, Arizona, 2003.

Marlene and Doug Aragland, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2003.

Thom and Cyndie Bell, Redmond, Oregon, 2006.

Julie Sackett and Les Jackson, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2006.

South West Medical Center, Vancouver, Washington, 2006.

Valerie Hively, The Dalles, Oregon, 2010.

EXHIBITS (selected)


Artisans Gallery, Summer Exhibition, Great Neck, New York, 1990.

Gango Gallery, “New Artists Group Show”, Portland, Oregon, 1991.

Oregon Art Annual, Salem Oregon, 1996

Gallery at Salishan, Gleneden Beach, Oregon, 1996.

Attic Gallery, “Anniversary Show”, Portland, Oregon, 1998.

Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery, “Portraits”, Gresham, Oregon, 1998.

Oregon College of Art and Craft, “Art From the Heart”, Portland, Oregon, 1998.

Celebration of Fine Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2000-2003.

Cow Parade, Painted Fiberglass Cow, City of Portland, 2002.

For the River, Columbia Riverkeeper, Portland Art Museum, 2003.

Tiny Treasures, Norby Gallery, Cave Creek, Arizona, 2004.

Arizona Art Expo, Scottsdale, Arizona 2007

“The Pacifist Potential”, invitational, Blackfish Gallery, May-June 2007.

“Group Show”, Ryan Gallery, Lincoln City, Oregon, September 2008.

“Bedtime Stories”, Attic Gallery, Portland, Oregon, December 2008.


Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, Oregon, 1985.

Gango Gallery, “Recent Work”, Portland, Oregon, 1992.

Gango Gallery, “1001 Nights”, Portland, Oregon, 1993.

Gango Gallery, “Born to Be Wild”, Portland, Oregon, 1994.

Gango Gallery, “Recent Work in Watercolor”, Portland, Oregon, 1995.

Gango Gallery, “Roadside Attractions”, Portland, Oregon, 1995.

Attic Gallery, “Antiques, Oddities and Adorations”, Portland, Oregon, 1997.

Attic Gallery, “Women’s Work”, Portland, Oregon, 1999.

The Dalles Art Center, “New Work”, The Dalles, Oregon, 2000.

Carnegie Center, “New Work”, Oregon City, Oregon, 2000.

Fire’s Eye Gallery, “Down on the Farm”, McMinnville, Oregon, 2002.

Ryan Gallery, “From the Sea”, Lincoln City, Oregon, 2004.

Columbia Art Gallery, “Animal Fair”, Hood River, Oregon, 2005.

Norby Gallery, “Celebrate the Horse in Art”, Cave Creek, Arizona, 2006.

Attic Gallery, “Northwest of Normal”, Portland, Oregon, December 2009.


Helado, a children’s book, 2001.

Images Used in Lady Tageboch und Kalender, Heye Verlag Gmbh,

Unterhaching, Published in Munich, Germany, 2006, 2007. and 2008.

Designer for needlepoint, Maggie and Company, San Francisco, California.  From 2000-present.


Best Commemorative Poster, Pinnacle Awards, International Festival

and Event Association, Orlando, Florida, September 1996.

Award, Water Media, Portland Arts Festival 1998.

Award, Water Media, Portland Arts Festival 1999.

Award, Painting, Portland Arts Festival 2002.

Selected Speaker, juror, and workshop presenter, Utah Watercolor Society, Salt Lake City Utah, 2005.

Selected Artist, Oregon Public Broadcasting Arts Calendar, Portland, Oregon. 2005

Poster Artist, Sonoran Arts Festival, Carefree, Arizona, 2005.

Poster Artist, Trout Lake Festival of the Arts, Trout Lake, Washington, 2005.

Selected Artist for Hoops Sagrado, (Sacred Hoops), Publicity

Calendar, Washington D.C. 2005.

Best Artist of Show, Sonoran Arts Festival, Carefree, Arizona, 2005.

Chosen Presentation Speaker, White Salmon Arts Council, White Salmon, Washington, 2006.

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