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I’m Back

I’m finally back to writing posts. I’ve taken a break from writing but want to get in the habit again. Most of my posts will be about my art, galleries and other activities. But today I’m just writing about an incident that happened yesterday. I have an eye doctor at Cascade Eye Center in The Dalles, Oregon. In September he did an eye exam and wrote a prescription for new glasses. I could not afford to get them at Cascade and was assured by both the doctor and the opticians at the center that I could take the prescription anywhere and have it filled. I did. When my glasses were done I couldn’t see very well. The prescription was correct (I checked it as did the new optician). NOWHERE on the Cascade prescription was it mentioned that I needed progressive lenses or tri-focals. I called Cascade and they refused to admit that the prescription was written in a way that I could “only” buy my glasses at Cascade. They blamed me. The office manager was so rude she hung up on me. The doctor was supposed to give me a call and he didn’t. Now I’m left with a useless pair of glasses. What to do? I’m writing this to warn anyone buying glasses in the Columbia River Gorge to be sure and not go to Cascade Eye Center…My friends warned me and I didn’t listen. Hopefully I’ll figure out something. Wish me luck. Costco, where I took the doctor’s prescription, has kindly offered to do an exam and fix the problem. Hooray for Costco! Five stars. Believe what I’m saying about Cascade Eye Center. Don’t buy your glasses or contacts from them.

I’ll be back with more positive news soon! Hope your summers are all going well.