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Timber Valley in Moonlight

Moon 1

Moon 1

It has been snowing in Timber Valley almost every night for a week.  It snows during the day and stops at night. Late in the evening the sky clears and a bright moon can be seen off the back deck of the cabin through dense Douglas fir trees.  The sight of the moon through those trees reminds me of why I choose to live here.  I went out on to the deck last night, barefoot in snow, at about midnight to look at the moon.  Even Cody had gone to bed and it was quiet and clear and the air smelled of fir.  I thought about a painting I once painted called “We Share the Moon”.  I did it when I was traveling almost all of the time and missed Timber Valley and Ron and all of our animals.  I had almost forgotten about that painting.  I thought about how the moon is feminine in Spanish…la luna.  Why feminine?  Is it because of the changing nature of the moon, the fullness of the moon?   I remembered the places I’ve lived before and how I saw the exact same moon then and now.

Moon from the deck

Moon 2

Cody likes the moon.  I know all wise scientists say that a dog never looks back over his shoulder but Cody does.  He does this when he looks up at the moon.  I can hear coyotes during all phases of the moon.  I notice it more during a full moon.  Wolves too sing to the moon.  My cats like a dark moon, the moon you can’t see.  It keeps them hidden from juicy night prey.  I read somewhere that a dark moon is a good time to light a candle and burn it until it goes out. That will rid your life of anything that needs to be gone.  Kind of like smudging a house with sage, it will purify.   I don’t know if it’s true.

I watched a documentary on the artist Ai Weiwei last night.  I’m fascinated with him.  He is a brave man and a stellar artist.  He puts himself in danger with each piece of art and each statement he posts on the internet.  He’s not just a flavor of the month as an artist.  His studio is in China, but he finds a way to let the entire world know about the way the Chinese Government lies to everyone.  They tell lies that are outright and lies of omission.  Take a look at his art.  Google him.  Give him a chance. By the way, he sees the same moon as we do.

We Share the Moon

We Share the Moon watercolor by Jerry Fenter

My shoulder is still injured.  I go in for my second cortisone shot tomorrow.  Hopefully that and one next month will keep me from surgery.  Since I can’t paint, I’ve been reading and watching lots of TV.  High point:  The Oscars.  Why? The clothes, the silliness of it and the fact I don’t think I’ve ever missed the awards as far back as I can remember.  I love movies.  They are real.  Low point:  The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Yep, I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210 in its heyday, too.  Why? The puffy lips, glass refrigerators, ugly tasteless art and clothing and my never-ending  search for how can they be so unhappy when they have so many shoes in their closet.  Hot shoes too.

Moon 3

Moon 3

I also watched a mini-series called Generation Kill.  It’s based on an article from Rolling Stone by Evan Wright called “The Killer Elite”.  I give it five stars.  Don’t forget to watch the extras on the DVD.  They are worth it.  Also it stars Alexander Skarsgard….always a feast for the eyes.

Now I’m off to read Sanctuary by William Faulkner.  I’m about halfway through.  It’s dark and disturbing.  This is a book that takes some focus to read.

“Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.” Mark Twain


“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; Show me the glint of light on broken glass.” Anton Checkov

What are your favorite movies?  Best dressed nominees?  Ideas and thoughts on the moon?  Make a comment!!

Good luck on Wednesday Jeremy.





The Excellent Perfect Weekend

It’s Monday and I have had a great weekend.  First of all my watercolor workshop at The Dalles Art Center was really exciting.  Lots of people came and everyone seemed excited and pleased with what we were doing.  I was so inspired watching people begin to see that they can handle the paint and can come up with some beautiful results.  This weekend we worked on texture and value.  We learned secret tricks of the trade that everyone seemed to get into.  will keep them secret.  Like a magician, a watercolorist only shares secrets with serious students.  Anyway, Saturday and Sunday were magic and everyone did excellent work. They shared their pleasure with me and that made me feel great!

“I found my calling!” (RE:Rocks)

–Irene Sullenger

Irene Sullenger watercolor

Irene is a very good student.  She really got the feel of letting loose and not being afraid let her brush “do a dance” on the paper”.  She is also and excellent horsewoman and a wonderful person.


Valerie Hiveley Blatz completed a beautiful piece while all the time telling us “I just can’t paint!”  We all assured her that she was wrong as you can see frrom her results 

Valerie Blatz watercolor


I was lucky to have Nancy Russell take my class.  She will be teaching drawing at The Dalles Art Center for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings starting on April 8th.  You can get information about her class and my next class by calling the center at 541-296-4507.  She really enjoyed the watercolor and ended up with some of the best texture results I’ve seen. 

 Nancy Russell watercolor

So the work part of my weekend was a great success.  Oh, I also went through the art center’s growing library, discarded some dusty old stuff and rearranged the books into categories.  My class and I decided to name the library’s new look after me.  “The Jerry Fenter Memorial Pretty Library!” I like it.  Now you can come in and check out some of the excellent books that have accumulated over the years.  We have lots of new books and magazines.  We’re always looking for donations.  If you have some art books that you have read and would like to share, please donate them to the “Jerry Fenter” library.  Also we’re really wishing some nice person would donate an electric pencil sharpener to the library so we can easily get sharp in faster time! 


After class I headed home. When I got through the door there was one of the best people to find sitting in my chair.  Bill Watson had  come up to stay the night on Saturday.  He has been in Spokane visiting his parents.  He’s always busy with work but lately has slowed down enough to brave snow and ice and come up to Timber Valley to kick back and enjoy some pizza and TV.  Cody and all of my kitties have adopted him and are so drawn to him he has to keep the guest room door shut or the animals will nearly push him out of bed.  He is going to be starting a new, exciting and important job soon.  The job may still be  secret so I’ll write more about it when he gives me the ok.  Anyway, as usual I missed him as soon as he left.  He always forgets to bring boots to the cabin.  I’m afraid penny loafers (even if they are very comfortable) just aren’t that great on ice and snow. 


Then Sunday night. The Academy Awards.  I raced home from class to join Ron in watching the whole fantastic festival.  Every year I make a big deal out of them.  First I call my super friend in Phoenix, Nancy, because for a lot of years I was with her in Phoenix to celebrate and vote on the awards.  We had parties where we did everything but dress up.  She’s missing me and I’m missing her but we both had to get right off of the phone as the awards start.  What can I say, the dresses, the talent, the stars, the music and Sean Penn making a political statement! (This year I have only seen “Milk” so I was tearing up along with Sean).  Slum Dog Millionaire took eight of the Oscars.  I can’t wait to see it.  I couldn’t ask for more.  So thank you Hollywood for finishing up my perfect weekend with the perfect show.  Hat’s off to Hugh Jackman for surprising all of us with his unknown talents.  I think it’s the best awards show I’ve ever seen.  But then I say that every year.