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Magical Mexico Adventure

Happy mid-July everyone. My post is back! Still having a few technical problems but I’m working on them. Since we still have dial-up here in Timber Valley I guess I’ll have to start writing from my favorite coffee shop down by the river.

Great news! From March 21st-28th 2015 I’ve scheduled another teaching event that will have your artistic minds spinning.  During this week I’ll be coaching and teaching a 5 day clinic in Melaque, Mexico. This clinic will explore “Color as a Central Expression of Mexican Life”.  The  small town of Melaque is alive with color, excitement, texture and magic. So we will come together at  one of my favorite places in the world the La Paloma Resort on the west coast of Mexico. To take a look go to www.lapalomamexico.com/. The resort has a beautiful studio and is right on the water.  It is a relaxing and inspiring destination.

It’s never too early to plan.  So I’m writing this .now because it will give you plenty of time to  set aside this week for yourself or for you and your friends to explore color and art with me, Jerry Fenter, as your coach, teacher and guide.  For those new to art…don’t fear.  We can work with watercolor or drawing at your level.  For those more experienced or who have a special area of expertise (all media…for example oils, acrylics, pastels, soft cloth work, drawing, ink, photography etc.)   I will be there to help bring that color into your work with my past experience in Melaque .  This will be a true magical art week to remember. Surprises are everywhere. These dates are before Easter so all local restaurants and sites should be open for us to explore.  Seeing and experiencing is so important in making art.  Also this will be a great adventure.

I will have details in flyer form soon.  Please forward this to anyone you might think is interested.  To  talk to me write to fenter@gorge.net or call 509-365-5119.

Magical Mexico

Magical Mexico

Copper and Crayons, Oh My

What a wild time we had at the Crayon Mono-type Workshop at the Dalles Art center.  What a wild and crazy class!  I think it was one of the best two days I’ve spent in a long time.  The assignment was to make mono types, using a hot copper plate (heated with an iron), with crayons and pastels, on some beautiful BFK  French printmaking paper.  Everyone did some beautiful work.  I have been thinking about doing a class like this for a long time but finally got brave enough last month.  The six people at the class were a riot!  They got so into the process that they didn’t even want to take time to eat lunch on Sunday so they ordered in pizza!  Nancy Rooper even came up with a new way of printing with the crayons and pastels on fabric to create some wonderful garden prayer flags to welcome in spring!  Here are some visuals of how we did this.

First, we heated a piece of flat copper mounted on a box frame with an iron.  The heat spreads out over the entire piece of copper (hot!)  Next a picture is drawn in crayon or pastel right on the copper sheet. 

After creating the drawing you mark it’s position with a pencil, get your paper or fabric piece and lay it flat over the hot crayon image.  Then you rub with a flat bottomed spoon (like you’d get from a Chinese restaurant) so that you’ve  rubbed over the entire piece.

(This is Carrie and Vonda working.  You can see Valerie and Nancy in the background) When this is done, carefully pull up your mono-type and enjoy!


Here’s Nancy with her excellent dog print!

Or you might try this with fabric like the creative Nancy Rooper!

Towards the end of the second day we all created flags for Nancy’s yard and did a collaboration of our work on a ” bug”  flag for her.  Now we’re all waiting to be invited over to enjoy the flags and her fire pit with marshmallows and smores! 

Carrie did some wonderful images of coffee cups.

Vonda did lots of beautiful fish prints.

Valerie did some beautiful work, but I didn’t get a good picture. I get so busy I forget to take pictures sometimes.  She also helped Lily create this beautiful piece.

I did a few prints too.  Two for friends of mine and one of my poor Suzuki that Ron crashed and totaled right before the class. You can see my print at the top of this post.  If you can’t see what’s written on it, it’s a Hail Suzuki full of grace memorial.  It concludes by talking about it’s uncomfortable seats and how Cody loved the taste of it’s back seat when he chewed it up trying to get at a toy he’d dropped.  It’s a  prayer of thanks because Ron got away with just bad bone bruises.  He’s very sore but he’s ok.

It’s not spring here yet, but we had a wild double feature Dallas and Inglorius Basterds party here at the cabin last weekend.  Place cards, JR and Sue Ellen wine labels, costumes and even fake theatre EXIT signs were enjoyed by all of us.  Cody tried to eat every one’s food as usual and as usual I made excuses for his bad behavior.  He’s an exceptional dog you know!  He would NEVER beg. (I tend to stretch the truth here a little)

Spring is coming and so is my Mexico class.  I won’t be doing any classes at The Dalles Art Center until after Mexico because many of my students and myself are going to see the musical “Cats” during March and then leaving for Mexico in April.  I was going to have a class April 3rd and 4th but that falls on Easter weekend.  So more classes towards the end of April or May. 

I’m still excited about my story, “The Giveaway”.  I’m also back working in the studio.