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Way Back in the Woods


It’s been so long since I posted. I’ve been painting instead of writing. Got into a semi-abstract painting phase and I love it. I have an interesting show in Baker City, Oregon right now at the Short Term Gallery. Baker City is a small town with lots of art and truly creative people. Since I got home from the opening of the show I’ve been reading, walking my dog Cody, wrangling cats and doing a lot of thinking.
I like having a break. I’ve lived in the woods for a long time and am used to being alone. Timber Valley is totally different from Portland, Seattle, The Dalles or Hood River. Sometimes it can seem really lonely when you are fourteen miles up from the Columbia River Gorge and you aren’t a windsurfer, kayaker or fisherman.  The woods and mountain are beautiful.  Lots of places to hike and hang out on the Klickitat River or the Columbia. But if we want to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner it involvesmaking a plan“. There are no meals to buy within walking distance. The closest actual business  is the Appleton Post Office…with an outhouse and a tiny woodstove. Even it is only open four half-days per week.  There is no Starbucks or even a Taco Bell (my favorite) in Timber Valley.  It’s a 50 minute drive to get to the nearest place to have a meal out.  When we moved up here from Portland years ago I’m sure some of our friends thought we had disappeared into the wild. We are out of sight, unreachable by car especially in the winter, invisible, gone but not forgotten. Everyone is busy.  I know.  I don’t often leave home for Portland to visit either.  Our lives are too fast and complicated even though we would like to keep in touch with everyone. Living this far away from civilization is even harder when you have the curse of slow dial up on your computer.  Because of that most of my life is off line. I know that not being “connected” is unheard of these days.  I have totally accepted it. I try to keep up with what everyone is doing. Believe it our not I am on Facebook. I am on S- L- O- W  Facebook.  For me to write a simple post it takes at least ten times longer than anyone else. The computer keeps timing out. Often it freezes. Any unwanted advertising, or “Like this Page” notifications get so complicated that my computer will sit forever before it downloads anything and usually will just turn off. I’m “timed out”. I must “refresh”. I spend most of my on-line time just waiting for something to happen. But I love to see what my friends are doing…they are so amazing.  I’m beginning to accept the wait just for the news.  Sometimes I feel weird putting my life into short posts for everyone in the universe to read…or  not read but just respond. Facebook sometimes makes me sad for the silliest reasons.  I don’t have a better connection. I don’t have more online friends (I guess over 200 isn’t enough for me).   I don’t get enough likes. Am I crazy? I never know what to post. I have some odd interests that don’t seem to be anything most people want to chat about or share. I guess I’ll have to learn patience, wait, and accept my own slow cyberspace or perhaps get up out of my chair and take a hike!
Bear Wakes Up (acrylic on canvas) 14 x18 175.00
It is bear season in Timber Valley. It’s always bear season in Timber Valley but this year there are more than usual. They have been clearcutting lots of the properties on SDS lands. Log trucks, chain saws, mud and old found tires litter the roads. Think beautiful Doug Firs, tall and elegant, ripped down, cut and stacked on now barren properties. Much land that used to be green and lush is now brown. The lupine is gone, the vetch is gone and all of the ground cover is gone. The animals are all confused. They have to move into new territory, rebuild nests, hives and other homes. Logging companies leave enough green to make it seem “not so bad”. They re-plant baby trees…usually pine instead of Doug Fir…and line many of them up near the highway hoping no one will notice how many are missing. This year our favorite pond, Disappearing Pond, has been so disrupted we only have one nesting pair of ducks and only three ducklings there.  More bears are around this spring. Mother bears and baby bears. Bears up trees and bears climbing up phone poles are seen early in the morning. I haven’t seen our usual bear who steals our crabapples yet. Who knows where he is hanging out now? Maybe he’s thinking of moving to Portland or Seattle.
I’m going to post a couple of my new acrylic pieces for anyone that wants to see them. Remember these are at Short Term Gallery in Baker City if you want to buy one. Hope you “like” this post. I don’t get lots of hits on my website but it is certainly a good place for me to ramble.

“Lend and Ear and Listen to my Version”

I've got my fare and just a trifle to spare

My mom passed away last week.  I found myself wanting to call her yesterday even though she’s been in St. Anthony Village with dementia for about seven years and wouldn’t even know what a phone was.   We’ve had our ups and downs over the years, but she was a strong and talented woman who loved to dance and listen to music.  Especially 40’s music.  She once was pulled up on stage with the Ritz Brothers to dance with them.  That night she was wearing an angora sweater and the band, acting silly, pretended to pull  fluffs of angora off of their suits the rest of the night.  She was buried at Rose City Cemetery with a view of Stanich’s Restaurant and Sports Bar…something she would like.  She loved northeast Portland, the Rose Festival and living in Oregon.  Born in Nebraska she was with the part of our family that moved out to the Northwest to live in the late 1940’s.  I’ve been trying to write some sort of epitaph for her.  She was a realtor, worked for the US Forest Service and a mother and housewife.  I found all sorts of smalchy poems and epitaphs but found the lyrics from one of her favorite Glenn Miller songs most appropriate.  She adored Glenn Miller and his music.

Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?

(Yes Yes) Track 29

Boy you can give me a shine

(Can you afford to board, the Chattanooga Choo Choo?)

I’ve got my fare

And just a trifle to spare

There’s gonna be a certain party at the station

Satin and Lace

I used to call funny face.

She’s gonna cry

Until I tell her that I’ll  never roam

(So Chattanooga Choo Choo)

Won’t you choo choo me home.

Margaret West Erickson 1924-2012

Thanks to everyone who helped me care for her over the years.  St. Anthony Village was one great “swingin'” place. She had the best care anyone could want.

Swing Kids


I think it’s finally showing a little bit of spring here in Timber Valley.  First came a huge windstorm on Monday night.  We had winds of over 65 miles an hour.  That doesn’t happen here often.  One BIG tree fell across Frontier Road and had to be chopped up and moved out of the way of the traffic…as if we had much traffic.  I was inside watching branches fall, calling to Cody to come in before he “got his head bonked with a humongous branch” (my exact words) But he loved the feel of the wind in his face like all of us mountain people.  So he stayed out until he heard the call for treats.  Then he ran inside by the fire.  There was also a 30 degree temperature outside.

Cody enjoys the wind storm

The day after the storm everything started to bloom and push out of the ground.  Solomon Seals, given to me by one of my favorite watercolor students, Nancy Rooper are pushing up.  I really didn’t think they would come up with the weather being what it is here.  Daffodils of course are starting to bloom. Everything is coming alive.  I haven’t planted much yet since the mountain environment changes so quickly.  This year I’m trying some Chinese Lanterns and more Bleeding Hearts.  We have so much shade it’s hard to find space.

First blooms

Miniature gardens are growing everywhere in the front of our cabin.  Little forests of tiny Douglas Firs all coming up at the same time.  I wish I could shrink down and explore these little worlds.

Tiny Doug Firs

Students remember to sign up now for my “Avatar” class at The Dalles Art Center.  Call me with questions at 509-365-5119.

Late Summer in the Mountains

It’s morning. There is a fingernail moon in the blue sky above the fir trees. I’ve just come in from an hour of drinking coffee with my cats, Berry and Arlo. It’s become a daily routine of ours that I make coffee, put Cody out back to soak up the sun and take a few minutes to enjoy my kitties. Berry and Arlo are in Snapple boxes (the kind you get from a huge Costco buy). I put nip in both boxes. They love it. Berry is wild and wants up on my lap. Arlo is aged, slow and squinty. He won’t stray far from me because he’s old. I think he’s almost 16 but I wouldn’t swear to it. He was given to me by Maria from The Attic Gallery. He was best pals with Woody my “excellent” cat who died last year. My third cat, Holly, is up in our bedroom closet, still nervous from a traumatic run in with a raccoon about two weeks ago. She’s staying inside. Each day she spends a little bit more time on the front porch but she’s taking NO chances. Raccoons are BAD.


Berry enjoying our morning

 Sitting outside in the late summer is the best therapy ever. I’ve had a busy month. I’d planned to complete all sorts of projects, do lots of writing and painting, and work on our yard. I did a few things. Some will wait until later. I’m ok with that. Instead of finishing my list of shoulds, we drove to Renton to play with our grandchildren. It was so much fun seeing them with my son and daughter-in-law who are the best parents ever. Tavish (who’s eight) also spent a week up here with Ron and me. Nothing special was planned (except a trip to the Goldendale Observatory…a story I mentioned  in my previous post). We hung out. We ate. We had treats. We played with aliens and space invaders. We even secretly watched “Ghost Whisperer” on TV in the afternoon. (A show Tavish called PG 13!) T is an avid reader. He spent time with Harry Potter, stayed up late, and played keep away with Cody, Ron and me in the front yard. We walked a lot. Ron and T set up a tent and then got too busy loading wood into the barn to use it.


Monsters vs. Aliens


 Later in the month I took a trip to Walla Walla. I went with my painter friend Sue Martin who is thinking of moving there in the near future. My daughter went to Whitman so I’d been to the campus before but only for a short period of time. Sue and I tasted lots of wine, found a thriving art scene, painted up at Bennington Lake (she used oils, I used crayons), and had wonderful food. The best meal we had was at my friends’ small farm. My friends, Brian and Cindy, are a couple who have about 10 acres, 3 huskies, some chickens, a kitty and a huge garden. Cindy is a gourmet cook. The dinner was delicious. It was made with food right from the garden. Anthony Bourdain and Alice Waters would be proud. Sue and I brought wine from The Foundry Tasting Room to share. Everything was delicious.


American Gothic Walla Walla Style

 We also spent a day at Night Song Husky Rescue in Dayton where I was again tempted to bring home another husky. I controlled myself. It was great seeing Susan who owns and operates the rescue. Susan is the closest thing to a Saint that I’ll ever meet. Night Song is the rescue that connected us with Cody. Susan cares for over 40 huskies who have been abused, abandoned or who just can’t be placed anywhere else. Check out her rescue on Google.


Almost Our Dog

 My evil deer hasn’t been seen for the past few days…but I know she’s around. About a week ago she came up to the front gate and stared directly into my eyes with her own round saucer-like ones. I made noise to chase her away but she stood firm until I went inside. I’m amazed at the people who have asked me about that deer. She’s almost famous.


Unflattering Rock Sleeping Exercise

 Yesterday Ron, Cody and I spent a whirlwind day at the beach. We dropped off 26 pieces of art at the Ryan Gallery. Cody even got to go in for visit with Emily the owner. The rest of the day was spent on the beach, running with Cody and Ron. It was a perfect day, partly cloudy but warm. I took time out for a nap on the rocks. Ron says I REALLY fell asleep (and this unflattering picture is his evidence). We got home late, tired and a little bit sunburned. 


 Coming events will be listed here on the post soon. I hope to have a class at The Dalles Art Center in October.

Richard and I in San Sebastion

A sad goodbye to my friend Richard Lennie who passed away in Melaque, Mexico last month.  He was a wonderful person, good friend, family man, loved animals and will be very much missed.  I’m thankful for all the fun he and Nancy and I have had over the years at La Paloma and traveling to other great places in Mexico.  Keep traveling, Richard. My thoughts are with you Nancy.

Show Opening…”Iconography and Beyond”

I’m excited to announce the opening of my newest show at The Dalles Art Center.  It’s title is “Iconography and Beyond” and will run from June 1st until June 30th.  Natalie Hassell, Tory Brokenshire and myself will be showing the results of our interest and love of Icons and things that are sacred in the world and the universe in an exhibition of our art.  

 Natalie paints Icons. Tori makes Santos.  I paint the things that have become iconic to me over the past year.  I get my ideas from my own life and travels. I’ve done so much this year that makes me happy. I’ve been to Yellowstone…an icon in itself and problably the most breathtaking place I’ve ever been. I’ve been to Nebraska where I’ve found what it feels like to have family who include me in their interests and their history. My Cousins are such great and iconic storytellers that they remind me of my favorite uncles I’ve missed for so many years. We even have a poet in the family.  And the iconic Cornhuskers…what else do I need to say.




   I’ve spent time in Mexico…a place I love with a culture all of it’s own.  Meeting and talking with people from  Jalisco has changed me in so many ways.  In my work you’ll see sacred hearts and mangos, Yellowstone Park and it’s beauty and an image diary of my own soul. I’ve really grown as an artist this year in so many ways.  I seem to have opened my eyes to  many possibilities that I would have ignored earlier in my career.  I’ve started following paths that prior to now I would have been afraid to follow for fear of people thinking I was silly, sentimental or simply crazy in what I want to do and what I want to paint and write.  I’ve found anything is possible.  I’ve always said that but never really knew it was true until now.  My work is creative and unique and I’m proud of it. Somehow I’ve finally found ways to get all of the creative noise out of my head and on to paper and  canvas.  I do lots of commissions, of people’s families, dogs, horses and distant memories.  How lucky am I to be taken into  their lives and trusted with their ideas, images and thoughts?  I work as a creative counselor and as a teacher and get as much excitement out of successes my talented clients and students achieve as they do.  Who else is lucky enough to spend two full days surrounded by enthusiasm, paint, color, flowers laughter and great food and at the same time can provide encouragement to new experimenting artists? (Picture me teaching the class “Eat, Drink and Paint!”)

Join me at the Opening Reception of the show “Iconography and Beyond” at The Dalles Art Center on Thursday, June 2nd from 5-7pm.  Meet the artists, eat, drink and get inspired.  The center is located at 220 E 4th St. The Dalles, Oregon.  The phone number is 541 296-4759.  For information about the pieces just e-mail me at fenter@gorge.net or call me at 509-365-5119.  If you can’t make the opening the show will be up all month. 

Go and see the installation of Running Fruit Ladders as soon and you can.  For information go to http://www.gorgeartists.org   and click “Running Fruit Ladders”. If you’d like to donate to the project (which I know you will) call John Maher at 541-478-0171.

Paint to Celebrate Spring

What a great weekend.  The Dalles Art Center was filled with flowers and food.  Talented students and hard work produced some beautiful outcomes.  The class “Eat, Drink and Paint” was a huge success.  We had a small but mighty group.  In fact we all got so deep into painting, eating and drinking we hardly took any breaks at all!

Nancy, Mary and Joyce brought the most beautiful selection of flowers I’ve ever seen and some of the tastiest food.  I took leftover flowers home so now the cabin finally smells and looks like spring.  Because of the cold weather only the tulips and magnolias are blooming.  I was so impressed by the quality of my students work.  They have all grown so much in the last year.  It  shows how much hard work and patience will pay off in the long run.

We talked about everything you can think of and came up with some great ideas for fundraising for the art center.  


The celebration of spring, food and drink will continue next month with a two day workshop at Maryhill Museum.  We’ll be working outdoors near the colorful flower and sculpture gardens on Saturday, June 18th and Sunday, June 19th.  We’ll meet at 11:00 am both days at the picnic tables on the north side of the site.  Please bring your watercolor supplies and sketchbooks, food  and drinks to share.  Painting and a picnic!  We’ll paint until 4:00 pm both days. The cost is $40 per day.  Please sign up and pay early at The Dalles Art Center, 220 East 4th Street, The Dalles, OR 97058.  You can also call to sign up at (541)-296-4759.  I hope you all will join us.  Dress in layers for painting outdoors. 

 I’ll be posting soon about my show at the Dalles Art Center titled “Iconography and Beyond”. 

Watercolor Painting from Photographs


Watercolor Painting from Photographs


Jerry Fenter


On Saturday and Sunday February 19th and 20th from 11:00am to 4:00pm I will be giving a class on watercolor painting using subject matter from your own photographs.  All levels of students are invited.  We will work on drawing, composition, original approach, contrast, value, and creating a center of interest.  This is a fun way to spend a winter weekend.

 The class will cost $40.00 per day.  Pay and sign up early at The Dalles Art Center at 541-296-4759.  The art center will have a supply list if you don’t already have one.  Please in addition to your supplies bring a few of your favorite old or new pictures to work from.  Snapshots of figures or animals would be great.  You may get some great presents out of this for your friends and family.  Check out my work on this site or on the Attic Gallery site www.atticgallery.com

I hope lots of you will make the class. This week I’ve been working in my head, conjuring up ideas for new paintings.  I also just finished a commission that was lots of fun to do.  I do a lot of my work by commission.  I’ll be starting another one in the next couple of weeks.  If you’re interested in having me do a commission for you in watercolor or acrylic just let me know.  It’s one of my favorite things to do.  I have done most every kind of commission you could imagine and some that I’m pretty sure you couldn’t. Parents, families,and animals (from dogs to raccoons, cats to goldfish).  The piece shown at the top of this post was done for a group of good friends who live in Arizona.  The painting represents the strong friendship among the women and portrays something unique and important about each one.  The group hired me to paint them.  When the painting was done I did giclee prints (enough for all of them) and then they had a contest to see who got the original to hang on her wall.  It was lots of fun and lots of work meeting each woman and photographing them before actually doing the piece.  I’ve also done lots of family portraits, pet portraits, horse portraits and club portraits.  Of course commissions are done in my crazy style and are done with complete cooperation with the person who hires me.  For example…if you want a dog portrait, you could send me a picture of your dog and his/her toys, list favorite things they like to do and in general tell me about them.  I can also take photos myself if am close enough.  I use all of the gathered information and create a portrait.  SO a horse portrait won’t look exactly like the portraits you might see at the Kentucky Derby.  They all have my own style and twist to them.  In other words they don’t look like I took a picture.  I add all of my own little inspirations and thoughts about the subject and then go to town!

The piece above was commissioned by the Trout Lake Art’s Festival a few years ago and was used as their poster.  Never fear.  My mind can come up with lots of ideas and can help you to create great gifts for anyone you might have in mind.  Support the Timber Valley Artist….hire me to do a commission for you or your workplace! 

 I’ve been engrossed in a great book.  The title is Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  She wrote the book Seabiscuit .  I have been totally engaged in the story of Lieutenant Louis Zamperini, his early years, his years fighting the Japanese in the Pacific,and his amazing survival of events like being adrift in the ocean after his B-24 was shot down. Sharks are involved and Hillenbrand gives one of the best descriptions of the Japanese POW camps that I have ever read.  I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in WWII.  It’s quite suspenseful and totally true.  If any of you would like to recommend books or movies I’d love to have you leave your choices in comments. 

So stay warm.  I hope all of my friends and family in the midwest are inside by their fireplaces like I am. 


Cabin fever, Johnny Depp and Creative Printmaking


It’s January and finally the snow here in Timber Valley is taking a short break.  Cody and I will definitely walk a mile or two this afternoon.  Hopefully the ice and rain will hold off for a week or more and I can recover from one of the worst cases of cabin fever I’ve ever had.  I have a magnet on my refrigerator that shows Jack Nicholson in the movie “The Shining”.  You know that scene where he’s breaking into the bathroom with an axe?  That’s how I’m feeling and then multiply it by ten.  I’m surprised I’m not just typing the same sentence over and over like Jack did on the beautiful old typewriter in the movie.  I adore that movie by the way.  It scares me each time I see it.  It’s a classic.

Cabin fever is real.  Anyone who has lived outside of a city, in the woods, no signal for a cell phone, no signal for NPR (even though I donate), no DSL can swear to that.  When it’s winter and cold and you spend your days feeding the fire (no central heating), you tend to do lots of thinking and way too much watching movies and TV.  Some of you will be horrified that I watched The Golden Globes on Sunday night.  Yep, I sat right down with my healthy snacks and Diet Peach Snapple and was again amazed at the glamor, wealth and silliness of Hollywood royalty.  I was breathless when Angelina showed up in her old Hollywood 40’s style glittery dress. It was of course the perfect color on her.


 And I never get tired of watching Johnny Depp sit in any audience even though at the Globes he lost best actor award. He was nominated in two movies for best actor (that’s what probably split his vote and caused the loss).  I preferred “Alice in Wonderland” to the other Depp movie but then again I love anything remotely connected with that book. Alice and the White Rabbit have been part of my reading life for years.  Did you know that there is an edition of Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Ralph Steadman?  I gifted it to my son and daughter- in-law at Christmas.

Back to the Golden Globes.  I thought Ricky Gervais was hilarious, mean, ironic, funny and just the right amount of sarcastic while hosting the show.  He makes me laugh out loud and knows when to poke fun at the Hollywood crowd who take themselves oh so seriously.  If you ever get a chance rent “Extras” on Netflix or the “old” version of “The Office”.  It’s a real treat.


Even better than the “Globes” was my two day monotype workshop at The Dalles Art Center.  Even though it was small…it was mighty.  We produced more work than I’ve seen in a long time in just two days.  My students were motivated and talented as you can see by these examples of their work. Did I ever mention how much I love teaching?  I think, next to doing art, teaching is the best job in the world.  I just heard from an old student of mine from 26 years ago who reminded me of just how rewarding teaching is.  He’s doing so well.  And I’m very proud of him. He sent me a great picture on Facebook of me from the time I was teaching his class.  It brought back such good memories.


Students…sign up for Mexico.  I will be sending out a list of supplies very soon. The airfare is cheap right now so plan ahead.  Any questions just give me a call. (509-365-5119)

Congratulations to our friend Jeff Draeger for being awarded Rookie of the Year from Klickitat County Search and Rescue. All of us are proud of him and thank him for being so brave.  What would all of us out here in the woods and on the wild rivers do without Search and Rescue?

Also John Maher has an exciting new art installation project in the works.  For an overall look at his idea go to www.maherart.com.  Look for “Running Ladders” project.

Threads and Christmas and New Year’s, Oh My

The Way It Is

 By William Stafford

 There’s a thread you follow. It goes among

 things that change.

 But it doesn’t change.

 People wonder about what you are pursuing.

You have to explain about the thread.

 But it is hard for others to see.

 While you hold it you can’t get lost.

Tragedies happen; people get hurt

 or die; and you suffer and get old.

 Nothing you do can stop time’s unfolding.

 You don’t ever let go of the thread.

 I thought I’d start the New Year out with a piece from one of my favorite poets that I think might answer some questions for people about why artists become artists. I think Stafford’s poem makes clear what I’ve been trying to express out loud for years. Artists are born with a thread they will be compelled to follow. It’s there from the earliest of memory. The artist will chase that thread of creativity from the time of birth until the time of death.

A person doesn’t choose to be an artist. The arts somehow choose you. I’ve felt the pull of the thread since I was a child and got up two hours earlier then my parents to read novels, books about art and poetry and to write and draw. No matter what practical paths I tried to follow with all  good intentions,  the wonder that is creativity seemed to be always close in my consciousness and easy to access at any time.

 My parents always encouraged me to be practical and safe. They wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor.  They saw money as the only survival tool; they wanted me to be successful in a financial way. I can’t blame them for that. They made it clear that I would be the first one in my family to finish college. I did fine in school, and of course I wanted to please my parents, but I never quit feeling the strong pull of that thread towards the arts.

 I was constantly stretched in two directions. One practical and safe (psychology, teaching, research) and one magical, (dance, the arts and theatre). My life has been a constant game of Tug-O-War. When I played it too safe and was pulled to the practical side I felt as if something was always missing. Of course I’d enhance my practical life by reading, drawing, cartooning and always being around the arts but the strong tug of that unbreakable thread was always tipping me further towards the magical and the creative.  I had to overcome being afraid of the unknown and conquer my fears of free falling without the security of a monthly paycheck and retirement program.  I feel fortunate to have been brave enough to do this. When I finally chose to let the thread take me where it will, I started to feel energized (Tug-O-War can wear a person out). Decisions come easily. I do anything to keep supporting my art.  If travel presents itself to me, I’ll travel.  If a project interests me I’ll become involved in it.  If I feel the thread pull me in strange and unfamiliar directions, I follow. I don’t play safe anymore and it’s scary…it’s dangerous…it’s exhilarating.  Hanging on to that thread has also kept me from falling into deep depressions, the loss of loved ones and other passing tragedies.  The thread is strong and unbreakable and always healing. 

 Now for the news.

 Christmas with our friend Bill…wonderful. Having Patty and John over for Christmas Day…totally fun. Exchanging presents with our kids and grandkids to be finished up on Saturday at Amy’s…crazy fun. New Year’s stay at the Oregon Coast…restful and beautiful. And it’s not over yet. Even more Christmas with Erin, Sara and Jeff…can’t wait. This is going to be the best year!

 Don’t forget my monotype class at The Dalles Art Center on January 15th and 16th. (For information call 541-296-4759). There is still time to sign up for my Mexico Class in April. E-mail me at fenter@gorge.net or call 509-365-5119 for more information and a flyer.

 “A work of art is good if it has sprung from necessity.”

                                                                          –Rainer Maria Rilke

 Any comments on your creative threads are welcome!!

Ron and Jerry’s Holiday Sale 2010

Ron and I are busy getting ready for our Holiday Sale in Portland on Saturday and Sunday November 6th and 7th.  The hours are 10:00am-4:00pm at 210 NE Fargo (if going north on MLK turn left on Fargo…when you see the Popeye’s Chicken).  We have lots of great items for gifts and for indulging yourself.  Plus we’ll have some sweets, wine and cider for your enjoyment.  I wish I could put on a show, but I know I’ll be much too busy writing up sales!  We (as artists) really need your support this year.  Times are tough…BUT we have been lucky enough to survive this “recession” because of our loyal customers and are confident that our callings as artists are the right and true path for us now and in the future. We are obsessed with our work and will always keep making art. The quality of our work reflects years of experience and growth. Our Holiday sale is a blast!  See you there. (503-282-4520 or 509-365-5119 or fenter@gorge.net)

Saturday and Sunday November 20th and 21st I’ll be doing another class in “Figure Drawing and Painting” at The Dalles Art Center.  We’ll be working on drawing the figure, painting the figure and developing your own style of expression.  The class is $40 per day. (509-365-5119 or fenter@gorge.net )

I have the Mexico class dates!  The dates are April 13th-19th 2011.  That is a Wednesday to Wednesday. (This will save us on airfare.)  I’m very excited about the class and will be sending out flyers soon.  Nancy Lennie and I have been cooking up all sorts of fun experiences.  I can’t wait for the sunshine, magic and creativity.  If you are interested please send me your names and addresses or e-mails to get specifics and have me send you a flyer.  (509-365-5119 or fenter@gorge.net)

Here’s a plug for The Attic Gallery.  I have lots of work there just waiting to be put under someone’s tree.  Go and check it out or click to www.atticgallery.com .  Thanks Diana,  Maria and Becky for being such great support to me.  Your gallery is the best in Portland!


Mondo should have won on Project Runway!  He is a genius. 

My birthday was and still is a huge success!  So many cards, so many presents and so many good wishes.  I’m so fortunate to have the friends that I do.  Maureen (my pen-pal of over 50 years) called me from Liverpool England!  What a treat. Also my family was great.  Ron, Hans and Amy never forget and I love them for that.  My friend Bill (even though just out of surgery) sent a special “variety” package that was Halloweenish and Birthdayish. Thank you, Bill.  I look forward to sharing gifts with Rick Harvey when we see each other at my sale.  He and I were born one day apart!  I still look at all my cards each day!  No, I don’t feel old, just energized. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO.

The deer are playing tag in my front yard.  How lucky can one person get?